Two Porsche tuners join forces

‘The son of’ and ‘the father of Porsche tuners’ enter into a partnership.

Like father Like Son. You hear that slogan more often. In the case of many families, it is even more the rule than the exception, partly thanks to the upholding of companies that bear the family name. In the case of Uwe Gemballa and his son, things are more difficult.


We know the latter from various tuned models. The models areā€¦ eccentrically designed. Take the below Gemballa Mirage GT based on the Carrera GT.

Besides Porsches (which they have done a lot) you can also know Gemballa from the most heavily tuned Ferrari Enzo there has ever been, the Gemballa MIG-U1.

Well, as indicated Gemballa is a product of Uwe Gemballa. This German gives the story about Gemballa a bizarre turn. Uwe Gemballa was missing and then found dead in 2010. A very vague story. The company had just closed its doors before that. In 2010 the name was sold to a German who followed the same course, but otherwise had nothing to do with Uwe or the Gemballa family. The brand then engaged in both tuning and racing. Nowadays it is quiet around Gemballa.


Yet the name Gemballa is active again. Not only because of ‘the new Gemballa’, but also because Uwe’s son has started a new Gemballa. Yes, this brand is also called Gemballa, but in full Marc Philipp Gemballa (or MPG for short). That is the name of the son of Uwe. Quite a mess, but apart from that, MPG has a plan. His first achievement is a special device.

Project Sandbox

Marc Phillip wants to use his new Gemballa to, yes, build modified Porsches. The first will be as above. It must be a kind of modern 959 Dakar. But then, like the 959 of the time, based on a 911, this time the Turbo S of the 992 generation. In terms of styling, MPG does the job, but in terms of engine the help of an old acquaintance is called in.


The 26-year-old son of Uwe has turned to Alois Ruf Jr. However, you shouldn’t take Junior too literally, because the son of Ruf founder Alois Ruf Sr. has been at the helm of the company since the 1970s. That seems to create a bond with Marc Philipp Gemballa, because Ruf Jr. took over from his dead father at a comparable age of 24.

Repeat history

Another factor is that Gemballa and Ruf have previously worked together. The two Porsche tuners also made engines together in the 1980s. That is what Gemballa and Ruf want to do again. Project Sandbox is going to be ‘powered by Ruf’. For example, MPG has an engine to work with and the cars can be delivered at an appropriate time after the unveiling in the spring of 2021.


In terms of specifications, no wheels will be reinvented for Project Sandbox. The conspiracy between Gemballa and Ruf will be an improved version of the six-cylinder boxer with two turbos that is already in the 992 Turbo S. With the involvement of Ruf, this will deliver ‘more than 750 hp’ and the torque is 930 Nm.

As mentioned, Project Sandbox will be finally unveiled this spring, but there is already enough interest in this special thing. In the first instance there will be ten copies, all of which have already found a buyer. When the Gemballa is delivered with Ruf power, that should prove.

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