Ultimate Porsche collection yielded 3.3 million euros

Not for the cat: the above Porsche dream material from one collection has brought in just under 3.3 million euros when converted.

We should be grateful to Porsche. That they still exist, and that, despite pressure from the environmental lobby, they still build cars. For the enthusiast, plenty of goodies have passed in review over the past 25 years.

Ultimate collection

Over those 25 years, one Swiss collector has either been paying close attention or has built up a status as one of the most loyal customers of the Zuffenhausen brand. How else do you explain that seven Porsches, all of which could easily be on the list of Porsche’s most desirable copies, ended up in the collection of one collector? So far. The collection was recently auctioned, as we were able to report a month ago. RM Sotheby’s did the auction and for car enthusiasts there was plenty of nice stuff to be found. Today we focus on the seven Porsches.

Sample amount

The Porsche collection in question generated a total of 3,619,000 Swiss Francs. Converted quickly, that amounts to just under 3.3 million euros for this Porsche Walhalla. To name a few more figures: 550,000 euros on average per car, with outliers of course. We will go through everything with you. The prices given by RM Sotheby’s are in Swiss Franc (CHF), which we have converted into euros. That explains the perhaps somewhat arbitrary amounts.

911 Sport Classic: 303,000 euros

The cheapest Porsche of the company turned out to be the 911 Sport Classic (997). The Sport Classic came on the market in 2010 as a very limited swan song to everything the Porsche 911 did well. The car received iconic style elements such as wide hips in the rear, a ducktail-spoiler and real Fuchs rims. You had to be quick: only 250 Sport Classics came onto the market. This is number 12, a very early version. We say cheapest Porsche of the bunch, but least expensive sounds more reverent. After all, it cost the new owner a little more than 300,000 euros.

911 GT2 RS (991.2): 348,500 euros

The most recent from the colorful group is the most intense version of the previous generation 911 (991). For those who are never quite sure what GT3, GT2 et cetera mean: the GT3 is of course breathable (with that wonderful redline at 9,000 rpm) and GT2 is turbocharged. The RS versions are the versions of both cars where all brakes can be released, these should be the toughest track versions. For the 991 generation, the standard GT2 was skipped and the GT2 RS was the heaviest of the bunch. Thanks to two turbos, the engine delivers 700 hp. The GT2 RS’s fierce downforce with lots of carbon parts is striking, but the large rear wing shines in its absence. No worries for the new owner: the rear spoiler has been removed and stored, it can easily be screwed back on. The car is finished in PTS Azzurro California, a Ferrari color applied by Porsche Paint to Sample. All this yielded a hefty three-and-a-half tons, but that is the next to the least.

911 R: 373,500 euros

In the Porsche hierarchy, GT3 is listed below GT2, but slightly above the GT2 in this list is a ‘GT3’. The 911 R may not be called GT3, it is secretly just one. Launched during the heyday of the 991 generation, the 911 R was one of the most desirable Porsches of its time. The engine specifications were almost the same as those of the GT3. However, the 911 R kept it a lot more subtle without a rear spoiler and roll cage, combined with a manual gearbox and no PDK practices. You can know the 911 R from a complete fiasco for Porsche, which had to do with the 991 limitation. These were sold out in no time and it became a collector’s item pur sang. Hardly any driving was done to bring in sums of up to $ 950,000, something Porsche had not intended when launching the 911 R as the ultimate driver’s Porsche. The market values ​​are now doing more normal things again, thanks in part to the 911 GT3 Touring Package that was launched in 2018. This equivalent model was conceived to take the pressure off the boiler in the 911 R and it succeeded. This copy in PTS Gulf Blue is a flawless gift, which ‘only’ raised 373,000 euros. So the pressure is definitely off. For example, 911 R owners can use the car for its purpose: great steering.

911 Turbo Cabriolet: 637,250 euros

As a layman in the field of Porsches before 2000, the undersigned had thought that this one would become the cheapest in the Porsche collection. Nothing could be further from the truth: the 911 Turbo Cabriolet (993) is the rarest car in this list and it even seems to have a touch of world fame. Let’s start with the fact that the 911 Turbo Cabriolet was actually a banned combination. There were hardly any of the 993 generation. The owner of MAHAG Porsche in Munich in 1995 saw the 993 Carrera Cabriolet and asked Porsche if there could be a Turbo Cabriolet. Porsche was not very broad in the pre-Cayenne era and MAHAG – a dealer with a history – decided to promise a deal to produce at least ten copies. These were tailor-made by Porsche Exclusive. This black copy is one of them, making it one of fourteen (!) Copies of the car. Black paint, black rims and a brown roof. The car has been slightly modified: there is a Ruf gearbox that makes the clutch pedal superfluous. Little information is given about it, but this seems special (it just seems to be a manual gearbox). Nevertheless, that is enough to give the car a special price tag, but there is also talk of a special first owner. That would be Willi Weber, Michael Schumacher’s manager. Enough to give the car a price tag of just under six and a half tons.

Carrera GT: 707,000 euros

Above seven tons we find the first of the two cars that you expect to be the most expensive. This is the Carrera GT. We can keep the description of this car brief in this article, because a) this is one of the most famous Porsches out there and b) the special of the Carrera GT by @willeme is more comprehensive (and more fun to read!). For those who have forgotten it for a while, the very short version: the Carrera GT was a top class supercar from Porsche in the early 2000s. Equipped with an epic sounding 5.7 liter V10 with 612 hp. What makes the Carrera GT fierce is that it is one of the last ‘analog’ supercars. No computers that can catch all errors and no traction control or automatic gearboxes: you are one with the machine. The Carrera GT from RM Sotheby’s auction has cost the new owner just over 700,000 euros. It was a copy in Fayence Yellow.

918 Spyder: 906,000 euros

Then the topper of the day in the Porsche collection: in Swiss Francs, this 918 Spyder was just a millionaire. The 918 Spyder was more or less the successor to the Carrera GT, although the 918 Spyder was about using modern technology as much as possible. The hybrid supercar with a V8 and all-wheel drive is part of the ‘holy trinity’ together with the McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari. The numbers don’t lie: the 918 knew 887 brake horse power on the road and knows how to make the other two hypercars quite difficult. The copy that has been sold has the color Liquid Chrome Blue Metallic, which is tastefully complemented by a mocha brown interior. The original wheels of the 918, a special design, were subsequently replaced by those of the Weissach Package come. Porsche supplied a number of 918s with extra carbon fiber parts and special magnesium rims, the latter have thus been adopted to this otherwise standard 918. The proceeds were therefore more than a million Swiss Francs, which is just over 900,000 euros in our currency. The most expensive car in this group.

The dropout

Anyone who has been counting will now be on that amount of 3.3 million euros in Porsche collection, but is still waiting for the seventh car. And no, the seventh car was no more expensive than 900,000 peak. This is the 911 GT2 RS (997). This one has not been sold. The GT2 RS will therefore remain in place for a while. What the car should at least have yielded is not known (unless you call RM Sotheby’s if you are seriously interested). We expect him somewhere near the 911 R.

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