Verstappen: “Sprint races do not solve F1 problems”

Max Verstappen

According to Max Verstappen, the new sprint races do not solve F1’s bigger problems.

Formula 1 will probably experiment with sprint races this year. This to the annoyance of the dinosaurs like the undersigned, who just want to keep everything as it was. But Liberty Media thinks that an extra (short) race on Saturday can improve the show. And making a little show around and during sports weekends, Americans can of course do that like no other.

Sample balloon

This year there will be a kind of ‘test balloon’ at the big prizes of Canada, Italy and Brazil. To the annoyance of Liberty Media, a reversed grid will not be used as in the F2. There, the first eight finishers of the ‘real’ race will start again on Sunday in reversed grid order for a sprint race. The F1 teams thought that would be too much fun, so there will be a different form. On Friday, there is first qualified for the sprint race, on Saturday the race will follow in which the top-8 scores points and on Sunday the real race starts with the order on the grid determined by the finish order on Saturday.

Not the big solution according to Verstappen

Many drivers have reluctantly admitted that they are not so eager for this change. And now our own Max Verstappen has also joined this group. Max is asked by for his opinion on the sprint races and says he does not see ‘the big solution’ in it.

I quite like doing a one-and-a-half-hour race, because if we have good cars like we can race closely and more teams are able to fight for victory, you don’t need sprint races. I think we don’t need to really mix it up that much the whole program. We just need to make sure that you fight for the win.

Max Verstappen just wants to win


Fresh teammate Perez also immediately agrees with Max. The Mexican says he is ‘open’ to any change in the race format, but through the words you can read that he is not so confident that this is now the right way:

I just think we’ve got to be careful that we don’t lose the DNA of Formula 1. I think it’s a very thin line. It’s a bit risky. I’m open to it. I don’t know what to expect really, how it will change the format in Formula 1 once we’ve done it. For me, the most important thing is that F1 keeps with the DNA.

Sergio Perez has the DNA of a winner

Whose deed.

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