Verstappen stuns Red Bull with a strategy call during dinner

Verstappen stuns Red Bull

Max Verstappen had a vision during the dinner on Friday. Yesterday his gaze into the future became reality. His team is therefore once again amazed by the qualities of the Dutchman.

Yesterday’s qualifying for the F1 Grand Prix of Russia seemed to be another battle between the two Mercedes. Well, that in itself is not so special, because that actually applies to every qualification this year. However, in Sochi, Russia, the advantage for the black brigade seemed to be even greater than elsewhere. The job is perfect for the W11.

And yet begins Mercedes not right away side-by-side from the front row. Verstappen performed a heroic deed by dragging his Red Bull to P2. He made clever use of one tow which Valtteri Bottas gave him involuntarily. That same Bottas will start today from P3.

That in itself was epic, but possibly even more important is that our Max Q2 came through on the medium tires. That means that he can also start today on this ‘yellow’ rubber. Because Hamilton had some problems in Q2, MV33 is the only one in the top-10 next to Bottas not to start on the red softs. That could make all the difference today. Or well, let’s just say it gives Red Bull and Max at least a chance that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

So it was a good strategy call. Anyway, that happens more often in F1, because the teams employ so many sharp minds there. What is special, however, is that Red Bull Racing attributes the call entirely to Max Emilian himself. Helmut Marko tells F1 Insider:

Yesterday at dinner he said [MV33] suddenly he wanted to qualify on the mediums in Q2. We thought that was not possible. But he insisted and said ‘if you adjust this and this to the setup, we will easily end up in the top 3’. That is unbelievable!

Helmut Marko, is very proud of his pupil

Especially given the fact that Red Bull didn’t seem to be that fast on Friday, the incident once again testifies to the epic skills of our hero. Whose deed. It’s just a bit of a shame that Pirelli now says that Hamilton is on the best tire in terms of strategy …


  1. harrie says

    Albon also seemed to have called that he wanted to qualify on supersofts.


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