Video: all generations of MINI GP

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Call sign is MINI GP, but the full name of this trio in the driving test is: MINI John Cooper Works GP. The MINI GP1, GP2 and GP3 together in the video!

Three times the same concept, but three different generations. Of course many elements are the same, but especially under the hood there are quite a lot of differences. The MINI GP1 has the toxic 1.6 with supercharger while for the MINI GP2 a 218 hp 1.6 with turbo was pulled from the rack. The MINI GP3 trumps them both in terms of raw power: the two-liter four-cylinder pumps out no less than 306 hp.

The body kit and exterior embellishments are also the heaviest on the MINI GP3. Is that to disguise that the rest of the car is less fun or has the character remained intact? The MINI GP3 was not disappointing during the driving test, so perhaps it is precisely the oldies who cannot keep up. The MINI GP1, GP2 and GP3 therefore compete against each other in the video. is an online auction platform. For cars that you not necessary but want to have. Techzle is a partner of The Collectables.


  1. aca king says

    I have a Mini GP2. And dr is really almost nothing more fun to race with every day. Motorway is not really intended for, although it is surprisingly economical!

  2. pier says

    Nice video, nice to see how cars that look quite similar from the outside still differ under the skin. The ultimate would be to do this with, for example, a series of M5 / E-class AMG / Golf GTI or something.


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