Video – Audi A3 makes a rollover during overtaking

Audi A3 rolls over

Why would you do that? This Audi A3 makes a rollover for no reason.

Audi drivers can sometimes be in a hurry. In some cases this results in dire situations. In this case, an A3 just rolls over while overtaking a truck. To speak to Phil Dunphy: “Why the face?” Sit down, grab a liter of popcorn and a kilo of Coke and enjoy this incredible one video production! This Audi A3 is turning over!


  1. RR Robert says

    Mainly caused by a wrong estimate of the dimensions of your own car? Or did that truck hit the brake pedal for a moment? A nice flip chart, though. And then also perfectly captured by the security camera.

    • henkp1 says

      “Hit the truck’s brake ..” don’t think so, but even if he did, the Audi was too close to it.

  2. aca king says

    Responded adequately by that man with his bag ..

    • henkp1 says

      Yes indeed. Had it been a pathetic old lady, she would have had 1300kg of environmental waste on her clothespin!

    • mashell says

      Who knows what “run for your life” means.

    • escort77 says

      @Acakoning: it ended well and afterwards it is easy to say, but he walked in the direction of the car. By responding adequately I mean that he ran or jumped to the side.

  3. henkp1 says

    What a moron. By the way, it seems as if all idiots drive Vag mobiles, at least that’s what I conclude from these kinds of videos and what I experience on the road.
    Bystanders are not in a hurry to provide assistance …

    • SpiderIV says

      @ henkp1: there are a lot of VAG drivers and a lot of idiots.

  4. rs999 says

    Dear autoblog editors
    That hankook advertisement drives you crazy
    Just process a button on the screen for by pass advertising,
    Incidentally, a brand that I wouldn’t want to ride on my grandmother.

    • mashell says

      Thanks to that advertisement I am now a fan of Real Madrid and I think it is a wonderful advertisement.

    • peanut king says

      @ rs999: that voice drives me crazy. Fortunately, I just had one of half a minute about vacancies at defense

  5. moveyourmind says

    Beautiful Photoshop! Must be a lot of hours of work.

  6. mashell says

    Fascinating those two waddling pedestrians on the other side of the street, they just stagger on as if nothing had happened.


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