Video – Cupra Formentor with Audi RS3 five-cylinder!

A prototype of the Cupra Formentor was spotted on the ‘Ring with the 2.5 TFSI Audi RS3 five-cylinder under the hood. A Formentor with a 2.0 TFSI can be heard later in the video.


  1. ethylestra says

    Formentor sounds a bit like some marvel cartoon character

  2. mpgc says

    Sounds good! Is also pretty nice on the road. It’s just a pity that it’s so high on its legs! If only they had just turned it into a hot hatch 😄

  3. saxoke says

    Whoehoe !!!! With a little luck, that could be a nice harbinger for a Cupra Leon R ST

  4. dutchdriftking says

    Fair is fair, it is humor. It would be nice if this block would also come in the Golf R. But it will not.

    • 87sandyd says

      @dutchdriftking: Fortunately not. Just keep the 5 cylinder at Audi, as it should be.

      • bbfix says

        @ 87sandyd: because? If you cannot / do not want to pay for Audi, you are not allowed to pay 5 pitter?


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