Video: how to sell an Alfa Romeo Spider

Record a commercial from your holiday address, why not?

Credits: Sam van Dalen and yes the Alfa Romeo Spider Type 4 is still for sale


  1. RRRobert says

    Brilliant this. Brilliant. It’s fantastic how they managed to capture the era of my studies in a number of beautiful scenes. All the way back to the period when I as a poor student could not call myself more than a part-time owner of a 400 guilders BX. Oh, and did I mention how f ** king brilliant this was?


  2. pinion says

    Really brilliant indeed. Also with a French car, Citroën DS, to the lecterns, while it was also possible with public transport. Because you had a free card for all days unlimited proof. OT; beautiful car, nice story. Having factor is 10+

  3. pinion says

    To travel

  4. dirtyfreddyw says

    Yes, they can make videos there in Opmeer. I also like it. Got my 159 from there too, it’s nice doing business with them. Sam and his team are very nice people.


  5. moveyourmind says

    Very nice and original. Especially the part with ‘I’m on the phone’ has been found brilliant.

    Beautiful car also this Alfa Romeo Spider. At the price, but I think you get an above average good car in return for this company.

  6. Original_Arnoud says

    I have nothing with an Alfa Spider. But suddenly I feel a loss.

  7. fromtheg says

    Sam is a multi-talent and passionate to the bone.

  8. grandmasterb says

    Too bad about the nagging about smoking and that it was still allowed on the plane. Thank God that misery is no longer allowed.

  9. mp014 says

    Brilliant 💪🏻

  10. hplh says

    Why do those youtube videos never work on ab?


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