Video: Suzuki Swift gives cyclist a swing in Ede

BIEM! 1 !!


  1. reactive says

    What that crazy guy gets up on that bike does suggest a previous collision …

    But then immediately sue the driver of the Swift for attempted manslaughter. What a sad figure you are when you cannot control yourself and use your car as a weapon.


  2. pcooperworks says

    Lock up that driver, what a …… ..

  3. shizzle says

    You look nice on the driver of the Suzuki Swift with registration number 91-TL-RV …

    • grass eater says

      Even the car is wrong. 7 owners, 15 including dealers.

  4. aca king says

    Cyclist is always wrong. Man man what an aso people on the road is that. Even F. Halsema would like to slap those guys …

  5. e36thuglife says

    Hi why are those videos right angled on my phone I can only see the middle ???

  6. sntial says

    He does what no one dares.


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