Video: this is Max Verstappen’s new car!

And of course Sergio Pérez can also show his skills in it.

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  1. blackeye says

    Nice B spec. Max has a final chance for P2 in the championship.

  2. mashell says

    That striking towing eye is hopefully a diversionary maneuver and not the result of “we will often need it”.

  3. gregorius says

    AB should actually put the press photo of the 2021 and the 2020 side by side. You can see that both ‘photos’ just come out of their model generator.
    You see a few wings different and a few stickers that are different; but otherwise the livery is exactly the same.
    But hey; what does it matter. There are only 2 questions: did something crazy happen and is the RB suddenly just as fast as the MB (of course not). And: did the guys do a good job at McLaren; because then that McLaren-Mercedes could just be faster than the RedBull -> Since we have seen that a ForceIndiaRacingPointStrollAstonMartin was in principle faster than an RB; except that didn’t have a driver who could get it out.


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