Video: Twente police stops stolen Volkswagen Golf

The police of Northeast Twente received a report of a stolen car on the A1 in the direction of Oldenzaal. Officers on the bike went to check.


  1. raoufff says

    Never thought that these kinds of scenes also occur in Twente, I only thought in the scary, dirty Randstad.

    • jarnobakker says

      @raoufff: I live in Twente. In my area, 4 cars were completely stripped in 1 night. And I still live in a fairly small town.

  2. osmo says

    Action from 3:28

    At least I expected a spectacular chase.

    • E550 says

      @osmo: there is no action. It’s a terribly boring movie. It is incomprehensible that an article is devoted to this.

  3. dairy cow says

    POOLS height is indeed an appropriate word choice

  4. it couldn’t be done quickly enough says

    Unfortunately, no US here in which car thieves still have balls and manage to stay out of their hands for a long time with exciting drone images until an officer taps the car with his bullbar….


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