Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI 2013-2019 occasion purchase advice

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI occasion purchase advice

All the solidness of the Golf, but with a sporty sauce. In the second-hand purchase advice, see if we have a Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI is a good idea.

At the time, we were pleasantly surprised by the Golf 7 GTI. Not only was there a choice between three- and five-door, manual and DSG-gearbox (automatic transmission), but there was also a Performance package. The VW Golf 7 GTI Performance (driving test) got an extra 10 hp, larger internally ventilated brakes and an electronically controlled limited slip differential.

At every anniversary VW launches a special edition of the Golf GTI. So we had the Edition 25, Edition 30 and Edition after just as many years. In 2015, the GTI blew out 40 candles, but the name of the party model changed. It became the Golf GTI Clubsport, which had more spoilers and 265 hp. In overboost even 290 hp during the 10 seconds.

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI occasion purchase advice
Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI occasion purchase advice

At the beginning of 2017, the Golf 7 received a (subtle) facelift, that version will be called Golf 7.5. The Golf GTI got extra horsepower, the regular GTI went to 230 hp, the Golf 7.5 GTI Performance to 245 hp.

An even heavier variant followed in the form of the VW Golf GTI Clubsport S. This track-oriented version was 30 kg lighter, with an additional 15 kg being discharged by omitting the air conditioning. Only 400 of the 310 hp Clubsport S were built. For a moment the Golf GTI Clubsport S had a Nürburgring lap record with 7 minutes 47 seconds, but in the end the Honda Civic Type R took that trophy.

As if there weren’t enough variants, VW launched the Golf 7 GTI TCR with 290 hp for dessert. Enough choice if you are looking for a second-hand Golf GTI. If you like a little noise, then the Akrapovic Slip-On muffler is a (pricey) recommendation.

Points of attention Golf 7 GTI

If you want to buy a used Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI, then we have some tips for you. The reliability is okay in itself, but just go through the list of Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI problems of this used car purchase advice. The list seems long, but don’t forget: the Golf is a very well-sold model and so is the GTI. Every ailment has now been described at least once.

Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI occasion purchase advice


  • The clutch of the manual Golf 7 GTIs is relatively fast. The fact that the 2.0 TSI EA888 is so easy to tune does not help.
  • The EA888 block of the Golf GTI can have small coolant leaks at the water pump and thermostat. Check the maintenance history for replacement and of course check if there is enough coolant on board.
  • The DSG box needs regular maintenance, check if that has happened.

Body and interior

  • With fast top models, you have to be extra careful of old structural damage, especially with import cars with a suspiciously low bpm amount.
  • The open roof rattles, leaks and squeaks often. In extreme cases, cracks may even appear in the glass.
  • The body of the MK7 Golf GTI also wants to rattle around and in the doors.
  • The boot lid sometimes leaks, the water ends up in the container for the spare wheel.
  • Make sure that the fuel filler flap opens neatly. The actuator that is supposed to do this sometimes breaks down. It is quite a hassle to open the fuel valve, because there is no manual option. Repair can also be pricey.
  • The (LED) headlights can have a white haze on the plastic and / or have stone chips.
  • Check if the heating is working. Within minutes, the heater should blow warm air. There can be several causes. Sometimes the valve system is upset and only a reset is needed. This can be done with Climate Control by holding the AC button and airflow upwards for five seconds. Then the lights flash. Sometimes multiple resets are required.
    The heater radiator can also be clogged. If the incoming hose is hot, but the outgoing hose is not, that is the case. Flushing the system can help.
  • The seat heating does not last forever. So also check during a summer ride. During the occasion purchase advice of this Volkswagen Golf GTI, we have tested it: they did it.
  • The bucket seats are more sensitive to entry damage, but that is the case with every bucket seat.
Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI occasion purchase advice


  • As always, it is good to pay attention to and creaking noises from the chassis. A common cause are the wishbone rubbers or the front top mounts. Sometimes lubrication helps, but usually they have to be replaced.
  • The Golf GTI is a potent front-wheel drive. Good tires contribute a lot to driving pleasure and the car deserves it.
  • The rear shocks and springs do not last forever, but that in itself is a good excuse to mount better aftermarket dampers all around.
  • The “Diamond Cut” rims are more susceptible to damage and corrosion.


  • The touchscreen of the older navigation systems can take on a life of its own in cold weather and spontaneously press buttons. It may be necessary to replace the touchscreen screen.
  • A frozen navigation system can be reset by pressing the on button for 10 seconds.
Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI occasion purchase advice


GTI 220 hp / 350 Nm
GTI Performance 230 hp / 350 Nm
GTI Clubsport 265 hp / 370 Nm
GTI Clubsport S 310 hp / 380 Nm

GTI 230 hp / 350 Nm
GTI Performance 245 hp / 370 Nm
GTI TCR 290 hp / 380 Nm

Offer Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI on Marktplaats

At the time of writing more than 200 copies of the Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI on to find. Prices for the VW Golf MK7 GTI range from € 16,000 to more than forty thousand euros for the Golf GTI TCR. For the complete range of the Volkswagen Golf you can of course go to Marketplace Auto.



  1. dutchdriftking says

    The list is spicy again.

    • Ot92 says

      – If all goes well there are also 3 water pumps below, 2 electrical and 1 mechanical. Should the electric water pumps leak, it is an expensive joke to replace them. Replacement is easy, but the water pump itself is expensive.
      – Oil from the DSG tank should be done every 60dkm.

      If you go for a GTI and you have the budget, buy the Clubsport, which has the Golf R / Audi S3 / Leon Cupra engine. This also applies to the TCR, but it is a bit more expensive. With a small tickling session you are so above 370 hp. A few more small adjustments and you have 400 hp.
      Furthermore, you should always go for the DSG, which is much stronger than the manual gearbox. This does not concern that annoying dry dsg7 dq200, which sometimes gives malfunctions.

      • dutchdriftking says

        @ Ot92: At the moment other things have priority, but if there is another car in this category I think I will go for the Leon Cupra. Also the R / S3 block, and a lot cheaper than a Clubsport. How cool I think the Clubsport is. When I go for a Cupra ST, my other half is happy too.

    • Ot92 says

      @dutchdriftking Mwa is not too bad. Most of the things that are listed are things that experience 1 out of 100 or so and not all within 5 years.

    • Stefje says

      @dutchdriftking: actually only the water pump is a thing. Immediately an expensive one, you are 900 at a specialist and 1200 further at a dealer. Know from your own experience …

      • Ot92 says

        @Stefje Did they do all the water pumps at once or something? You can replace the 2 electric ones and they are approximately 300 eu each. The mechanical replacement takes you a lot of time, if you have so much loose, you better also grab the timing belt.

  2. karaya says

    Lots of whitewashing comments by pointing to other brands.

    Take the proverbial solidity with a grain of salt. Can do a lot and it breaks.

    • tors says

      @karaya: what comment then?
      No other brands are mentioned in the video and only a reference in the text that the Civic Type R has taken the fastest time on the ring.


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