Volkswagen Group grows with 3 brands


Volkswagen and Navistar are almost certainly a thing. Look, a giant diesel manufacturer. That is typical.

There was a period when Volkswagen bought almost everything that came their way and with which they have plans. In a relatively short time, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Cosworth, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ducati and MAN were brought in. According to Ferdinand Piëch, the automotive world would look different very quickly, with only a few large concerns. Volkswagen HAD to grow.

New object for Volkswagen

The old old man had seen that correctly. In the meantime, Rolls-Royce has passed to BMW, but not much has changed. Oh yes, after a failed coup attempt by Porsche, that brand is now also part of the Volkswagen Group. But Volkswagen has nevertheless been able to find an object: Navistar International. Volkswagen has made an (improved) second offer and Navistar has accepted. The purchase therefore seems to be a further formality.

  • Navistar
  • Navistar

Navistar International

Navistar International (formerly International Harvester) was already partly (16.8 percent) owned by Volkswagen’s truck division Traton SE. They bought the remaining 82.2 percent of the shares for $ 3,700,000,000. That reports Bloomberg. With the purchase, Volkswagen has a huge expansion of its portfolio. Navistar consists of three brands:

  • International Truck
  • IC Bus
  • Navistar Defense.

Volkswagen Traton SE

It is a great purchase for Volkswagen Traton SE. In one go, Volkswagen expanded its sales market. In addition to the mentioned brands, Traton SE has brands such as MAN, Scania and Volkswagen Camiñhoes e Onibus (trucks and commercial vehicles) in the division. Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge (VW Commercial Vehicles in the Netherlands) is part of the passenger car division.

  • Navistar

Number 4

International is the fourth largest truck brand in the US. At number 3 is the legendary Peterbilt. Kenworth is number 2 and on the highest step we find Freightliner. The International brand has a dip this year (guess why), now it is up to Traton / Volkswagen to make it a success again. The chance that we will see these trucks with us is very small, we can do it with Scania, MAN and VW Nutzfahrzeuge.


  1. Edge says

    Mercedes has had a similar portfolio in the US for years with Freightliner, Western Star and a few more companies and it seems to be going fine. It is therefore not illogical that Volkswagen Group also wants to take part of that market with this acquisition.

    • poulusma says

      On the one hand, you are right, but there have been reports for months that VW AG would also want to sell brands. Then I feel this is another signal 😁

      • dees says

        The rumor is that they want to sell brands in the passenger car market.
        So that they can take over this company then.

        • basman147 says

          There have also been rumors for a long time that they want to independently bring the commercial vehicle branch to the stock exchange. With this purchase, Traton is now also present in North America, making it stronger against Mercedes, Volvo and Paccar. Only Asia they are not so present, while Mercedes with Hino has a strong player there.

    • r525 says

      And of course PACCAR also has a US / EU alliance with Peterbilt, Kenworth & DAF.
      And then you have Volvo & Mack.

  2. henkp1 says

    Phew, I’m getting a bit tired of those Germans’ drive for expansion …


    • Rutgerg says

      @ henkp1: has been like this since the late 1930’s


  3. MrHyde says

    “the legendary Peterbilt.” And Kenworth of course.

    Together they are the Netherlands’ largest * automotive employer, with their cars with wonderfully smooth 6 in-line, and enormous torque.

    * from 2024, when Born closes.

  4. rob5nismo says

    And aren’t they also going to put 3 or 4 car brands on sale?

    • dees says

      Yes, brands that only make passenger vehicles and are only active in Europe.
      The fact that they then take over a company that only operates in North America and does not make passenger vehicles is not something that contradicts the other.

  5. dees says

    Porsche coup?
    There was no porsche coup at all, that was just a dirty trick behind a certain family that had quite a lot of shares in Porsche and in VAG. Which is now the largest shareholder of VAG after the acquisition of Porsche.

  6. tenaci says

    And now very soon a remake of the Scout! The new Bronco shows there is a market for it!

  7. not creative says

    * chuckle * they look like BMWs 🙂

  8. maxidyne says

    Such a shame that the nose of an American truck counts towards the total length. Otherwise I would have bought some nice American trucks for my company. More streamlined, more comfortable because you are not directly above the front axle, and a wonderfully large sleeping cabin.


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