Volkswagen ID.4 will arrive in a few weeks

While Volkswagen will soon start rolling out the ID.3, the ID.4 will be making itself heard not long after. This is evident from a new teaser.

Volkswagen has made no secret of the fact that the ID.3 would be joined by the more spacious ID.4. It should be presented sometime in 2020, but with four full months ahead of us this year, that remains a broad concept. With a new teaser, however, the Wolfburgers know how to concretize something: within a few weeks the audience is already introduced to the production-ready ID.4. The brand says this through the American channels. After all, the ID.4 is an important player for North America, because the ID.4 promises to be the first ID model for that market. With the announcement that it will take a few more weeks, we already dare to expect a revelation in September.

In terms of technology, we do not expect any major surprises and the electric SUV is likely to build on the technology from the ID.3. So in the first instance count on rear-wheel drive versions that have battery packs up to 77 kWh. Volkswagen previously announced that ID.4 should be able to travel up to 500 kilometers on one full battery charge. If production goes smoothly, the ID.4 will hit the market next year. How the carriage will look like is no longer a very big secret due to teasers and leaked images.

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