Volkswagen is already saying goodbye to Touareg with a diesel V8

It has been for sale for over a year, but Volkswagen is now saying goodbye to the Touareg with diesel V8.

Justified or not, diesel is a bit of a nuisance worldwide. Although they are cleaner than new gasoline cars in terms of certain gases today, they are still seen as filthy, smelly ejectors. And Volkswagens dieselgate will not have helped.

It was therefore quite striking that the Volkswagen in February of last year announced that it was spooning a thick V8 TDI into a thick Touareg. The maximum power of 421 hp was already quite impressive, but the torque was quite that, with no less than 900 Nm! This allows the mastodon to hit 100 km / h from zero in 4.9 seconds. Of course this Touareg cost claws with money, but for a ‘future classic’ that is also allowed, right?

In the meantime, however, the fun of the Touareg with the thick diesel V8 is over. The car is can now no longer simply be ordered, says Volkswagen. However, they do not just let this moment pass by. No, the Germans take this moment with both hands to make it a special one: The Touareg V8 Last Edition.

In fact, it is a Touareg R-Line with the Black Style package. In addition, they ticked options such as black wheel arches, diffuser and door handles. The 21 ″ Suzuka Black rims are also black. These Last Editions also feature LED matrix headlights, the Innovision cockpit and the adaptive chassis. You should not necessarily like many different colors, because you can choose from white, silver, gray, black or pearl white. Or red, that’s okay.

They have not adjusted anything under the hood, but that is actually not necessary at all. The Touareg V8 Last Edition is only available in Germany, with a limited edition of 400 pieces. The special costs 104,361 euros and will go on sale on Monday 17 August. After the departure of the diesel V8, the Touareg R is the new top model, a plug-in hybrid that gets 462 hp and ‘only’ 700 Nm. going to get spunk. This is currently planned for the second half of this year.


  1. sports mode says

    Too bad, actually the only block that belongs in such a car!


    • naval power says

      @sportstand: that V10 TDI was not nauseous either


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