Volkswagen nevertheless pays compensation in Europe

An unknown number of Germans will receive 830 million euros in damages from Volkswagen for dieselgate.

Almost five years after the outbreak of the diesel scandal, the troubles for Volkswagen are still not over. The lawsuits and claims now come less often, but they are not gone yet. VAG also does not expect that those fines will become smaller, so in May the company set aside 5.5 billion euros for fines and lawsuits. Now it is known where almost a billion euros of that goes.

VAG namely goes € 830 million pay compensation to an unknown amount of Germans. This club had united with the consumer organization VZBV in a group promotion /class action suit. In November 2018, VZBV searched for victims who wanted to join this mass claim.

There is one caveat to this settlement: it does not go through that consumer organization. The talks between the two parties are stranded. In addition to the 830 million euros, VZBV’s lawyers wanted 50 million euros. And VAG thought that was going too far. Especially since the lawyers could not explain for what they needed millions of euros and did not want a third party to check this claim.

So what does VAG do? Instead of letting the settlement collapse, they go directly to the customers. Because, VAG writes, “the failure of conversations should not have a negative impact on our customers.” At the end of March, the first customers / prosecutors will receive a personal settlement proposal via a settlement platform.

VZBV says otherwise against Reuters that the conversations stopped because of such a platform. According to VZBV, VAG “could not guarantee a system that was good enough for customers”. The consumer organization will now enforce compensation through the court.

Settling with customers is striking, since a judge ruled in 2017 that Germans are not entitled to compensation at all. Because after the VAG fix, the cars again comply with European legislation and regulations. So there is no financial disadvantage, the judge ruled at the time.

On the other hand, another judge ruled at the end of 2018 that German Volkswagen owners can request their money back from VAG. In that respect, it seems to depend strongly on the judge whether or not you are entitled to money. Perhaps VAG did not want to run the risk of encountering a bad-tempered judge?

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  1. grass eater says

    If you fly everything and everyone, it may just be a big fine, and compensations are given. Nothing wrong with it. What is wrong with all the other companies that did it, but bought off the debt so that not too much was known about it. BMW for example. In my opinion, they deserve the same treatment as VAG.

    And the VAG has personally ensured that the public and political perception of diesel has become very negative, while modern diesels are fine. The soot filter and EGR valve-less diesels must be banned immediately and demolished, the modern diesels must be on the road.

  2. car62 says

    Great to put the lawyers offside.

    • 2wheeler says

      @ auto62: Yes indeed! Who needs it now ?!


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