Volkswagen: Tesla as a customer ‘interesting’

The brand new CEO of Volkswagen makes a striking statement about a possible collaboration between Volkswagen and Tesla.

Recently, a remarkable video surfaced showing none other than Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a Volkswagen ID3 together with Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess. Reason enough to check at Volkswagen whether there is a possible collaboration between Volkswagen and Tesla.

Last year, Volkswagen indicated that it would also make the modular MEB platform specially developed for electric cars available to third parties. The platform, which will be used by the ID3 and ID4, among others, will also be used under Ford’s electric cars from 2023. We also know that Tesla is working behind the scenes on a model that will be one step below the Model 3. During a digital conference call Techzle had the opportunity to ask none other than the brand new Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter about e-mobility whether discussions are currently underway between Volkswagen and Tesla. After all, Tesla could potentially put the ready-to-use modular MEB platform to good use for its future model.

According to Brandstätter, no collaboration has been discussed between Volkswagen and Tesla to date, but Brandstätter certainly does not say that a collaboration is out of the question. “Until now there have been no discussions about it, but I think it is certainly an interesting idea,” Brandstätter told Techzle. That does not mean that you should immediately bet on the arrival of a compact Tesla on an MEB basis, but if it is up to Volkswagen, the door seems to be wide open for a future partnership.

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