Volkswagen Viloran can now finally be ordered

Volkswagen Viloran

You can now order the Volkswagen Viloran from a better Volkswagen dealer. In China.

The Volkswagen Viloran is such a car that makes the undersigned very happy on holiday. Not so much to drive it, by the way. No, to spot them. Somewhere it’s very nice to see a car from a well-known brand with a familiar design language, but then a model that you will not see here quickly.

Nearly endless

For example, in South America you can encounter the Volkswagen Gol, Saviero, Virtus, Voyage and Fox. In America the huge Volkswagen Atlas drives around and in China the line of models is almost endless. Since today you can still get a strange Volkswagen from the Chinese dealers, namely the Volkswagen Viloran.

Volkswagen Viloran


Like Sharan and Touran, the Viloran is an MPV. The car was briefly introduced in this article, now we have more information and images. It is not just any space car, but the largest, most spacious and most luxurious MPV that Volkswagen has ever made. The car is 5.35 meters long, 1.98 meters high and 1.78 meters high. The wheelbase is also enormous: 3.18 meters!

Volkswagen Viloran

MQB platform

You wouldn’t say it immediately, but the basis for this Volkswagen Viloran is again the MQB platform. It indicates how versatile the platform is and how much is possible with it. Now that we are distributing feathers, the appearance is very successful. It is clearly a Volkswagen, so certainly not frivolous, but sleek and businesslike. Despite being 100% MPV, the car looks less “vans” compared to the Sharan, for example.



This also applies to the interior. Now the Chinese Volkswagens are a little less attractive in terms of materials and finish, you don’t see that much in the photos. The interior resembles that of the Atlas (called Teramont in China) and is especially BIG. So it is possible to two captain chairs can be ordered in the middle row. And we don’t mean two separate chairs like in a Sharan, no, two leather armchairs with two armrests, per chair.

Captain Chairs

Chair massage

The rear seat is still spacious enough to accommodate three compact adults or three children. Of course, the Viloran can be equipped with a lot of luxury, such as leather upholstery, separate climate control at the rear, a Dynaudio sound system and chair massage. A panoramic roof and virtual cockpit are also possible.



In terms of engines, the choice is quite simple. The starter is a 2.0 TSI four-cylinder with 184 hp and 320 Nm. A step above that we find another variant of the EA888 2.0 TSI, this time with 220 hp and 350 Nm. In both cases, the engine is coupled to a dual-clutch DSG automatic transmission. These then drive the front wheels, four-wheel drive and or a manual gearbox are not possible.

Volkswagen Viloran

SAIC-Volkswagen dealers

The Volkswagen Viloran can be ordered from the SAIC-Volkswagen dealers. At least, people are now taking “pre-orders”. The official market launch is scheduled for May this year. The starting price is converted 45,478 euros.

Volkswagen Viloran


  1. dutchdriftking says

    With a 380 TSI badge you still have a higher expectation of the engine. No matter how boring the thing may be, it is neat.

    • ot92 says

      @dutchdriftking I seriously thought for a moment that there was a 2.0tsi of a Golf R under the hood with 380hp… Again bitted by Vw / Audi…

  2. johnwaters says

    Nice car, sorry that it does not come to developing countries.

  3. toyotafortuner says

    In itself it is not even a bad looking car. But there are much nicer, better looking and better (?) Cars in this segment.

  4. lverheul says

    But little with that how much space

  5. RRRobert says

    @willeme: fix those dimensions ff (2x “high”).

    I think it looks very nice for an MPV, and actually also daring, because almost the entire segment as such has now been wiped out by the SUV hype. Only that size – for that reason alone it will probably never be seen here.


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