Volkswagen Virtus is new compact sedan

Volkswagen VirtusVolkswagen VirtusVolkswagen VirtusVolkswagen VirtusVolkswagen VirtusVolkswagen Virtus

In Europe, the sedan has been on the decline for years, but elsewhere in the world, more compact four-door models in particular are still very much alive. Today we are introduced to the Virtus, with a little imagination the new Polo Sedan.

In 2017, in South America, Volkswagen introduced the current generation Virtus to the world, a relatively compact sedan that shares its MQB A0 platform with cars such as the Polo, Seat Ibiza and Audi A1. The Indian consumer is now also presented with a Virtus, but the sedan is not completely identical.

According to the brand, the Virtus that Volkswagen is marketing in India is on the MQB A0-IN platform, a cheaper variant of the well-known MQB A0 platform that has been developed specifically for the Indian market. The dimensions of the Indian Virtus are also not equal to those of its South American counterpart. While the South American Virtus is 4.48 meters long, its Asian brother stretches over a distance of 4.56 meters. However, the wheelbase is the same at 2.65 meters and that means that the Indian Virtus also has about 7 centimeters more between its wheels than the Polo.

Volkswagen Virtus

Volkswagen Virtus

The Indian Virtus has a fresher Volkswagen face than its almost 5 year old South American equivalent. The headlamps have a different shape and layout. The LED signature flows optically into the grille, which contains two chrome strips. We also expect that the South American Virtus will be treated in the same way in due course. In India, the Virtus also has a brother of Skoda. After all, Skoda has recently introduced the Slavia on the same IN variant of the MQB A0 platform.

Would you like to park a Virtus-esque Polo sedan in front of the door?

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