Weekly Review: The 5 Best Amazon Tech Deals


The Dutch version of Amazon is a true mecca for tech enthusiasts. The webshop is full of price-friendly gadgets, audiovisual equipment and computer stuff. What are this week’s best tech deals? Amazon changes its prices almost every day, so get started!


You will not find this bluetooth speaker cheaper anywhere. The blue, gray and red version of the JBL GO 2 currently costs only 18.77 euros. For this petty amount, you can enjoy music for up to five hours at any location. The housing is waterproof! Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and use the control buttons on top of the housing to regulate the volume. A microphone is integrated so that you can answer incoming calls through the loudspeaker. In addition to connecting devices via Bluetooth, you can also connect audio devices with a traditional cable, such as an MP3 player. The JBL GO 2 measures 8.6 × 3.16 × 7.12 centimeters and weighs 184 grams.

Price: from € 22.95 for € 18.77


Charmast W1056P

The Charmast W1056P is a power bank with a large capacity of 10,400 mAh, so you can charge an iPhone 11 twice with ease. Conveniently, the display shows the remaining percentage of the battery. You can recharge the battery with the included micro USB cable. Two regular USB3.0 ports and a USB-C connection are available for connecting mobile devices. The weight is only 228 grams and the dimensions are compact at 14.4 × 6.7 × 1.5 centimeters. This offer is valid until 9 p.m. tonight (12/31/20).

Price: from € 19.99 for € 16.99

Charmast W1056P

Spedal T920 Pro

Video conferences are the order of the day because of the amount of working from home. With this Spedal T920 Pro you can now take online meetings even more seriously. This webcam comes with a tripod, so you have more options to capture yourself properly. With the help of the wide-angle lens of 120 degrees and full-HD image quality, you can also film a large area in high resolution. Incidentally, the webcam also has a handy support for mounting on a PC monitor or laptop screen. It’s nice that two microphones support noise cancellation, so that you can be heard clearly. The Spedal T920 Pro is compatible with Windows and macOS, among others. This offer is valid until 8.30 pm tonight (12/31/20).

Price: from € 49.99 for € 39.94

Spedal T920 Pro

Turewell Q Plus

With the Turewell Q Plus you get an extremely cheap media player at home. Connect this Androidbox to a television via the supplied HDMI cable and install your favorite apps. To connect to the web, plug a network cable into the housing or connect the device to WiFi. The manufacturer supplies a remote control, so that you can easily navigate through the menu and all apps. There is 16 GB of storage capacity available for housing applications and the operating system. You can expand the storage capacity with an SD card or an external hard drive. A processor with four cores and 2 GB of RAM ensure that the media player performs smoothly. This offer is valid until 7:15 pm tonight (12/31/20).

Price: from € 35.99 for € 30.59

Turewell Q Plus

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition

If you are looking for a cheap processor cooler, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition is a good choice. The fins are 12 centimeters long and support a speed of up to two thousand rpm. The noise production is only 26 decibels. In practice, this processor cooler often runs at a lower speed, so that the noise level is logically lower. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition is compatible with most AMD and Intel sockets.

Price: from € 34.99 for € 24.59

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition


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