What does your dream Porsche 911 GT3 look like?

What does your dream Porsche 911 GT3 look like?

We enter the weekend with the brand new Porsche 911 GT3. Well, virtually. Also get your 911 GT3 through the configurator.

Some brands have understood how a decent configurator should work. Porsche is one of those brands. The 911 GT3 has been configurable since its announcement, but you may not have bothered yet. It is recommended, because everything works nice and easy. Unfortunately, I am not able to pass that order on to the local dealer. Fortunately, dreaming is free.

The price for a 510 hp 911 GT3 starts at 236,200 euros. But we are talking about Porsche and then ‘starts at’ is really the beginning. As always, you can go wild with options. The final price is often considerably higher. It is almost a sport to put together as expensive a copy as possible.

  • 911 GT3 configurator
  • 911 GT3 configurator

You don’t have extreme freedom with the Porsche 911 GT3 configurator. For example, there is only one rim design to choose. It is then possible to order it in a different color. In my case I went for a GT3 in the color Gentian blue with ‘neodymium’ satin rims. I play through the blue theme in the interior with matching details. On the door the letters ‘Porsche’, an option of more than 400 euros.

With a few more options tapping I was already on an amount well over 255,000 euros. You compose yourself in the time of the boss in the Porsche 911 GT3 configurator.

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  • What does your dream Porsche 911 GT3 look like?


  1. ghini says

    Without spoiler


    • cossiekiller says

      Indeed. Now you are not allowed to go anywhere with that corona, except at funerals, etc. You cannot arrive there with such a mega spoiler.


      • berlinetta says

        Then you do have a handy coffee table.


        • mwti says

          @berlinetta: and cake also fits well.

        • jarnobakker says

          @berlinetta: is easy to keep 1.5 meters away. 1 person on each side😂

  2. Charles Taycan 4S says

    Beautiful car and idd fine configurator… 😜👌

  3. mashell says

    Indisch Rot, with the extra legal fire extinguisher and two child seats. Because it is deliciously absurd.

  4. piedlourd says

    For that money I go a few steps higher. Ferrari

    • no 1234 says

      Indeed why a Porsche if you also have a Roma for that money.

    • amghans says

      @piedlourd: Takes a little while before that Purosangue arrives.

      • piedlourd says

        Gadver !!!!

        Go rinse your mouth, you… and rap a little!

        Of course I mean higher in the market, more prestige and less depreciation. Ferrari

        • 100octane says

          @piedlourd: more my as-tu vu and MORE depreciation you mean, right?

  5. Johanneke says

    With manual gearbox.

  6. berlinetta says

    I would wait a while for the TP package. I can never get the most out of this car. Then I think that I am also driving with such a wing on the back.

    • ghini says

      @berlinetta: Good point, since all models are getting more and more horsepower, a gt3 miss is overkill anyway. But there are so many versions that I no longer know what the structure is.

      • berlinetta says

        Personally, the 911 GTS seems to be the finest 911 there is. But now that it also has a turbo, I find the GT3 a bit more attractive.

    • viezefreddyw says

      @berlinetta: Therefore a previous generation Cayman GT4. It has a spoiler, but less power and less performance. Also seems a nicer car to me. Smaller, more compact, lighter and mid-engine.

      • berlinetta says

        Once, it also seems like a great car. More than soon enough. Moreover, I think it is also really much nicer than the 911. Always found by the way.

        And although the GT4 also has a spoiler, I think that is one of them. The GT models of the 911 are too exaggerated for me. The GT4 still looks nice and racy without being exaggerated. Bit like the previous GT3 was.

      • piedlourd says

        Then pick up an Alpine and tune it up a bit if you find it necessary.

        Weighs three hundred kilos of miner and you notice it

        • berlinetta says

          Not bad either, but in my opinion less beautiful than a GT4. In addition, an NA six-cylinder vs a four-cylinder turbo. The GT4 really has a much nicer engine.

  7. no 1234 says

    Sadly like any other 911

  8. iphonistvongates says

    Mine looks like a 992 version of the Carrera 4 GTS in Portimao Na’Vi Blue with the latest Titanium alloy rims from TechArt, PCCB discs and Milltek exhaust system. For the low rpm moments I also add a Burmester audio system.

  9. amghans says

    I’ll wait a while for the RS.

  10. PanameraGTS says

    Mine comes out to 265k. Did I really still not tick the necessary.
    If someone else would configure it exactly like this and drive it in for me for a number of years, then I will buy it (if the bitcoin has risen further) from him.

    • mwti says

      @PanameraGTS: For now, bitcoin has dropped 10K in a few days. You better go to the casino.

  11. ericc says

    With MR package!

  12. two meters says

    267,612 euros. Phytongreen with Aurum rims and Aurum Motorsport decoration set. And of course some extras, although I believe that if I had the opportunity to spend such an amount, I would go for a GTS.


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