Who caused the bizarre Gemballa crash?

What exactly happened yesterday? Maybe the name Ben Chen will ring a bell.

Yesterday New York was rocked by a hard crash. An exceptional crash. A rare Gemballa Mirage GT (Porsche Carrera GT) was involved in the incident. According to the first reports, the car was stolen. Nothing proved further from the truth.

The owner of the car, Benjamin Chen, turned out to be behind the wheel. The police have not officially released his identity. On social media, however, videos can be seen with the rich playboy behind the wheel. Chen is a co-founder of the goldRush Rally. This is an annual rally in the United States. The premise is a bit similar to the Gumball 3000. Many expensive cars with some wraps and stickers driving from city to city. Where the Gumball focuses on the international elite, the goldRush Rally is mainly an American party.

Previous incidents

The (American) car community did not respond with surprise to the incident. Ben Chen was often involved in a number of very expensive accidents. For example, in 2013 he destroyed a brand new McLaren 12C Spider in the American state of Texas. In 2015, he damaged the front bumper of his rare Mercedes CLK GTR by driving clumsily. A year later, in 2016, he shattered his Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 Superveloce. Extra painful because this was a manual transmission. Only a handful of this combination exist.

Where the previous incidents – criminal record technically – fizzled out, this time Chen is in deeper trouble. He drilled his Gemballa into the back of a passenger car in New York at 7:30 yesterday. Then the wealthy American took off and damaged a few more cars. Then the Mirage GT came to a halt. New York police arrested Chen. He is in custody until further notice.

In a statement opposite The Drive the NYPD has revealed why Chen was arrested. In the first place because of dangerous driving behavior. The 33-year-old was also found to be under the influence of drugs. With its Gemballa Mirage GT, “BC” has damaged a total of four cars during the dollar ride.


The Gemballa Mirage GT has been owned by Chen since 2014. In addition to the aforementioned Mercedes CLK GTR, many other impressive cars have been part of his collection. Among others, a Mercedes SLR McLaren, Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series, Lamborghini Diablo SV, Bugatti EB110 and a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport are part of the collection. The Gemballa was not his first Porsche Carrera GT. In 2009 the collector bought his first copy in the color Guards Red.

Chances are that Chen will be free again in no time. With a well-stocked portfolio, you can always find a suitable lawyer in the U S or A.


  1. Henk_he says

    As it turns out again: money doesn’t buy you brains and driving skills.


  2. fendercd60 says

    Taking driver’s license from that guest. People like him shouldn’t drive cars (any kind at all).

  3. maarten020 says

    What a sad hare

  4. emping says

    At least he uses his cars, but better not take them with drugs.

  5. vopo says

    With a lot of money you indeed get very far in the States or maybe get away with it. Unless you just meet a judge who wants to set an example. Then your millions really can’t save you anymore.

    • Papageno says

      Think they will set an example here. During a lockdown in NY, take a dollar ride and then flee after a crash…
      They hate in the USA anyway, cowardly behavior.

      • mashell says

        In defense, Your Honor, the suspect chose a time and time when he could not expect to see anyone on the street and when he did not endanger anyone. No prison sentence is appropriate here, a compliment is appropriate here. If all the reckless drivers were as caring as my client, the world would be a much better place!

        • davelepeef says

          @mashell: and filling in a claim form during lock down is a health risk!

  6. ericd says

    Is that all Chen does? Organizing a rally? Not known because of some internet company?

  7. mrB says

    And what did this man really earn his money with? This story does not yet have the image of a smart businessman, smart entrepreneurship or intelligent entrepreneur.

    • carfreakjim says

      @mrb: His parents are multi billionaires, I think they have something to do with Nike.

  8. carfreakjim says

    Benjamin Chen’s garage is a little further away, most likely he tried to drive there. Incidentally, he has nothing to do with gold rush rally since last year. This is because last year he misbehaved that the co-founders were also done with him. Also, I believe he was also intoxicated during his crash in his murcielago, at least he had misbehaved enough that he was expelled from the event he wanted to attend. In other words, an interesting individual.


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