Why Hamilton may not be champion in 2021

Hamilton champion

There is still hope for Jean Todt and other people who hope Hamilton does not become the Rekordmeister.

For years, the F1 has had a rhythm roughly similar to that of model generations in the automotive world. Every seven years (sometimes faster, sometimes slower) it is time to get a new one Concorde Agreement to draw. The stakeholders of the sport largely determine the rules and financial distribution keys that will dictate the balance of forces in the coming years.

The last Concorde Agreement dates from 2013 and heralded a period of ultimate Mercedes dominance. In fact, this year it was time for the long-awaited reset. There had to be a new Concorde Agreement with new rules. Now those new rules have been postponed for a year thanks to the Corona perils. However, it is important to realize that this does not apply to the entire Concorde Agreement itself.

The FIA ​​and the new F1 owner Liberty Media cannot wait to change the sport on certain points. The Americans want more show, less costs and a field that is closer together. After a lot of bickering, all teams would be ready by now John Hancock to put. Or well, all teams except Mercedes.

The BBC reports that Toto Wolff once again has not come out with the high men of Liberty Media. Wolff is of the opinion that Mercedes must give up too much, especially financially. While Wolff says the new proposal does justice to Ferrari’s historical value for the sport, he says that does not apply to Mercedes. Team red has once again stipulated that it will receive an extra 40 million dollars per year no questions asked.

Wolff would also be like that for Mercedes sweetheart deal want to see, but Liberty Media seems unwilling to do so. The deadline for Mercedes to sign is basically August 12. A Liberty Media spokesperson says quite firmly that no further delay is intended:

F1 has engaged with all teams in a collaborative and constructive way and listened to all their views. This agreement is important for the future of the sport and all our fans. We are moving forward with this and will not be delayed any longer.

Liberty Media mouthpiece

This creates a bit of a crazy situation for Mercedes. They know that there are still two championships up for grabs next year. But then they have to sign, otherwise they are not allowed to participate at all. Perhaps that is also one of the reasons that Hamilton is waiting a while before signing a new contract …


  1. RR Robert says

    The 40 million / year that Ferrari has (again) negotiated; incomprehensible. Team Red can say very loudly that Formula 1 cannot do without Ferrari, but those arrogant Italians should also realize that Ferrari cannot do without Formula 1 either.

    Furthermore, Mercedes is more just to make the money, and the continuation of the dominance; I can understand this from the point of view of continuity and self-centeredness, but from a sporting point of view they kick themselves out of the seat in the long run.

    Prior to this crazy season, it was suggested that where there would be two races, the second race should start with the reverse result of the previous race as the grid setup. All teams – except Mercedes – voted in favor. It is therefore not their concern for the viewing figures, the spectacle for the viewers or the fun factor for the team itself. Because let’s face it: when Max complains that racing from lap 5 to the finish on P3 ‘bore as hell’ can’t be much different for Li’l Lewis or ‘Wingman’ Bottas.


  2. FrankypankyV8 says

    Ferrari doesn’t just get extra money. The Italians also keep their right of veto.
    In the future, they can therefore again be obstructive if developments in sport are not up their alley.

    I think that is wrong and that should simply be abandoned, in my opinion.

    Ferrari’s turn is striking. Previously there was a lot of opposition to lowering the budget, but now everything is suddenly a piece of cake?

    BTW, I rather think Hamilton is waiting for what Toto Wolff does. If Wolff leaves for Racing Point after this year, I think Hamilton will stop.

    Be careful at the same time as Lewis. Michael Schumacher also waited too long to sign up at the time and then Lauda brought in Hamilton


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