Why Jos Verstappen comes to hate Spa Francorchamps

Jos Verstappen

Does it just make it? Yes! The Spa Francorchamps circuit has a nefarious plan and Jos Verstappen is probably not happy about it.

Progress, it’s a crazy thing every now and then. Today many cars, for example, have a digital cockpit with touchscreens on the dash as a control element. As someone born in the glory days of Mycenae, that doesn’t necessarily make me happy. I prefer to see ordinary beautiful clocks in front of my nose and a few intuitive rotary or touch buttons next to me. And yet, you see a new car that still has those clocks and you think ‘hmm, outdated technology’.

It remains to be seen whether we ever want nothing more than screens everywhere. But it is clear that progress is not always an improvement. Just look at the over-demanded tiny turbo engines, or the abolition of grid girls. And those modern circuits are actually just cracking. A few lines drawn on a square piece of asphalt is not the same as an old-fashioned snake ribbon that meanders through a preferably slightly hilly landscape.

Perhaps more than ever in F1 this season. Due to the Rony Rona, there are a few ‘dilapidated’ circuits appearing on the calendar that seemed banned from the history books in F1. We can say that it went well, because the races on the ‘Ring and in Mugello were without a doubt cooler than those in Sochi.

It now looks like old-fashioned is getting new-fashioned again. There seems to be a wild plan to bring the real Nürburgring back to the F1 calendar. However, that falls into the category of dreams of the future, but in the meantime Spa Francorchamps is already working on some renovations. For 80 million Euros, the former 40 million Euros before the money presses were even fuller, they are going to improve things a bit. Among other things, new stands will be built. But more importantly: there will also be more gravel bins. At La Source, Raidillon, Blanchimont, Les Combes and Stavelot, the gravel pit is reportedly making an LL Cool Jesque comeback.

Carlos Sainz and George Russell applaud the return of the ‘real men’s circuit’ (m / f). Chile does hope that Spa will not spend the 80 million on gravel alone:

Welcome back gravel and pray for more gravel in the future, and grass and everything because it’s exactly what I think we all need to make the circuits nice and spectacular again. I hope there’s something else going on at Spa and they’re not wasting € 80m on gravel! But welcome back gravel, and let’s keep praying for more gravel and more grass.

Carlos Sainz, Spanish clay biter

Whose deed. Max Verstappen has apparently not yet explicitly given his opinion to Autosport. Jos Verstappen also not by the way.


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