Will it soon be compulsory to wear a helmet with the moped too?

Four mopeds that you can ride on without a helmet

The scooter or moped, who hasn’t grown up with it. Because you can drive a scooter from the age of sixteen, it is attractive for many young people to move by motorized two-wheeler. A compact means of transport in the urban jungle can also be the solution for the other age categories. Totally the moped, for which you don’t even need a helmet.

Two-wheelers and rules

When we look at motorized two-wheelers, the term “scooter” is actually wrong. You should rather look at what kind of engine and the capacity of the device. The largest are the motorcycles: a full license plate, starting with an M, and wearing a helmet is mandatory. Then you have the two categories: moped and moped. A moped is a scooter that is limited at 45 km / h. This one has a yellow license plate and here too you must wear a helmet. The moped is a scooter with a top speed that is limited to 25 km / h. Recognizable by its blue license plate, you can go on a bike path with a moped and you are not obliged to wear a helmet.

The scooter without rules

The latter is very popular. But even at 25 km / h you can make enough chunks, especially since the rules are not enforced by everyone. Mopeds that can go faster than 25 km / h occur regularly, even if it is not allowed. Then it becomes completely dangerous. The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, therefore wants to set limits on the dangerous mustache bike scenes. She has made a proposal that makes helmet wear compulsory for moped riders, according to the Volkskrant.


There are still deaths and more than a thousand injured people on a moped every year. Van Nieuwenhuizen wants to limit this with this measure. Amsterdam already has a helmet requirement for moped riders: within the A10 ring road, moped riders must distance themselves from the cycle path and use the road. That goes hand in hand with wearing a helmet.

There are currently about three-quarters of a million mopeds on country roads and cycle paths. It is still a proposal, not yet a legislative amendment. If the law is changed, it is not without notice. There must be enough time for moped riders to hit a helmet. And upside down, of course.

Image credit: four Vespas, popular as mopeds, via Auto junk.


  1. Al_caPino says

    -edit: thank you, has now been fixed-

  2. jeroen83 says

    -edit: thank you, has now been fixed-

  3. convertible says

    But if you have to wear a helmet does the moped scooter still have a right to exist?

    And on the motorcycle you legally only have to wear a helmet, right? Or do they now want to introduce this protective clothing? Then I can no longer ride naked on my chopper.

    • unknown32 says

      @cabriohater: is that mandatory? In Belgium anyway. Everything covered and put on a helmet. So a jogging and half-transparent shirt is also fine (not that that helps) + shoes up to the ankles and gloves.

      • Foramen says

        @ unknown32: No, it is not mandatory, but it is appreciated by the rescuers who may otherwise collect you.

  4. 3246cm252kw says

    Rightly so! I also say mandatory on the bike! And certainly on an electric bicycle!

      • pug206 says

        @bottles: Germany? Ot: if it is a bicycle helmet, I would have no problem with it. A full-face helmet on a motorized bicycle does not seem to be up to me. Are few who buy a helmet that is just as expensive as the transport they are on …

  5. Edge says

    Does not seem to me to be a wrong measure. It is of course only a part of the user group, but my experience shows that quite a few young people ride moped scooters that can run much faster than the permitted 25 km / h. It happens quite regularly that I drive 50 to 55 km / h within the built-up area, and then I am suddenly overtaken on the cycle path by a 16-year-old boy who has 60 or 65 kilometers on his clock with his mustache scooter.

    • bitd says

      @Edge: would you not tackle it instead of punishing the rest with a helmet?

  6. gregorius says

    That helmet is of course a shadow reason.
    The problem is that these types of mopeds are actually all mopeds that are additionally limited (where a lot of mopeds are often already limited). Such a limit is easy to remove and then you can easily go back to 45-50 on such a thing.
    People don’t want to wear a helmet. It’s annoying; You gotta put that thing away, your hair gets messed up. And in 90-99% of the cases, if you drive a maximum of 25 kmh and you crash, a helmet is not really necessary.
    Anyway, those things are annoying (too big for the bike path, too slow for the road and they stink while you’re cycling).

    What you should do: prohibit scooter-mopeds and compulsory pedals on such a thing. It naturally came from the spartamet. Such a spartamet had the right to exist as a cheap way for people who really needed a little support. Things were not too big, but they did smell.
    Now you have an electric bicycle. Perfect.
    Adapt the moped law to the bicycle-with-pedals-and-support.
    Scooter-mopeds then all fall under the mopeds now; your choice of whether you can have a maximum of 25 or 45.

    • utregcity says

      @gregorius: I’d rather have my hair confused than my brain!

  7. Edge says

    @cabriohater: You give the sentence “Motorcyclist leaves a brake track” a whole new meaning.

  8. fanboy says

    Indeed has to do with the many scooters that have been run, that run 60 times.

  9. free of living says

    I have had an e-mustache for almost a year now. So you can max 25, and it is limited to 35. As a result, you drive everywhere 35, where you can. Otherwise you will be overtaken by all e-bikes. So a mandatory helmet on the moped should also mean a mandatory helmet on the e-bike.
    The moped has nothing to look for on the road, at least not in The Hague. The cars drive there almost 60 and that is almost twice as fast as a mustache scooter can.

    • pug206 says

      @live free: an ebike is simply limited to 25. Unless you are a specialized dealer you also have no software to change that. This is really only possible with special software that has very few dealers and otherwise only the factory.

  10. intimrasiert says

    Happy when those things disappear from the streets because of the helmet requirement. There is only lazy riding on it, the social utility of which is highly questionable (including Amsterdam realtors), who can also cycle.

  11. Henk_he says

    @Loek your definitions are not entirely correct. A scooter is a moped, moped or motorcycle where the feet are placed side by side between the steering system and the seat while driving. It is therefore a kind of frame variant. There are also mopeds and mopeds (and motorcycles) that are not scooters. Nowadays the frame variant scooter is of course overrepresented in the streets, but not every slow two-wheeler is automatically a scooter. “In the past” there was only 1 type of scooter and it was made by Vespa. The other brands made mopeds with a frame such as a bicycle or motorcycle, but they have lost popularity.

  12. jaromir says

    Soon you can wear a helmet in your convertible 🤣

  13. Dutch drifting says

    Well, maybe abolish the blue license plate, limit to 60 km / h, keep to the same rules within built-up areas as cars and on the road, outside built-up areas on the cycle path and ready. Do the mopeds have something, and we have something.

  14. thestino says

    Required in Belgium for a long time.

  15. drip tray says

    This entire category can be abolished much better. With today’s electric bikes, it is an outdated concept. Making a helmet compulsory seems a good idea to me, but then combine it with a yellow plate.


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