Will this be Peugeot’s newest hypercar?

The back of Peugeot's hypercar

Peugeot has shown images of what could just be the latest hypercar.

Peugeot has been doing quite well in recent years. For the past two decades, if you ask this writer, their cars have been rather boring. They did show some interesting things, like the Onyx, but never actually put it into production.

Since the 508, however, they have found that way up again. No longer do they make fat cars with uninspired design, but sexy sedans and hatchbacks that you really go to want look. You look out for lust, no longer out of pity. Thus this extremely objective writer.

Side of Peugeot's hypercar

However, the French have not yet peaked. No, because in two years they will be completely unpacked. Peugeot announced more about their hypercar on Friday, which will be on the market in 2022.

Before you think, ‘ah, another Peugeot concept’: this one is really going to happen! This is the car they want to race at Le Mans in two years time, in the Le Mans Hypercar class. And manufacturers who want to drive in this class will eventually have to put 25 street versions of the hypercar into production.

Nose of Peugeots hypercar

At least, they have to use 25 of the hypercar’s drivetrain in a street car. So what we see in the pictures here is not necessarily not what we can buy in the dealer later. Although we cannot rule it out immediately, of course.

Speaking of that drivetrain; Peugeot is talking about a four-wheel drive hypercar. The front wheels are driven by an electric motor that delivers a maximum of 272 hp. The car will also get a petrol engine, which together with the electric motor delivers a system power of 680 hp. Yes, Peugeot’s newest hypercar will be a hybrid.

The question is also how this will translate into the street car. On the one hand, you can imagine that environmental requirements are diminishing some horsepower here and there. On the other hand, they are now limited by FIA regulations. Maybe they know how to squeeze more out of it outside the circuit?


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