Will we soon be able to empty EVs in Spain?

In Spain, the advance of the EV has yet to begin, but it will certainly come. So that offers opportunities.

When it comes to electric cars, the Netherlands is by no means behind. In fact, the Netherlands is in the top three when it comes to EV market share. There are countries where they are a bit less advanced at this point and you don’t even have to look at a remote corner for that. In Spain, for example, they are also at a completely different point.

The advance of the EV has yet to begin there. While one in five new cars sold in our country was electric last year, this ratio was very different in Spain. But one in fifty new cars sold was electric. But this is definitely going to change (for the Flemish readers: definitely).

Mobility Service Nederland – partner of Techzle – hopes to respond to this conveniently. You may know them from, for example, our videos in which we drive EVs completely empty. Mobility Service was early on in the Netherlands with their platform zakelijkelektrischleasen.nl and they want to do the same in Spain now.

Mobility Service Netherlands will therefore come up with a Spanish version of zakelijkelektrischleasen.nl. They have already built up a great deal of expertise in this field in the Netherlands and can now also share this know-how with the Spanish market. In this way they also want to help the Spaniards with an EV.

And if they want some videos of a trip with electric cars to Spain, we will of course not say no to that …

Mobility Service is the Techzle partner in business (electric) leasing. More information about Mobility Service can be found on their website zakelijkelektrischleasen.nl


  1. Charles Taycan 4S says

    Smart move ! You can only be there on time! 👍

  2. b00st says

    business electric leasing will these Spaniards never be able to pronounce, let alone understand?

  3. karst stallion says

    I hope so. Then at least this advertorial has some use, because the relevance for Dutch / Belgian readers escapes me here.

    Incidentally, I am interested in what differences there are between the Spanish and Dutch (lease) markets and how they will be tackled. But whether they want to share such in-depth information is of course the question.

  4. yummy cross says

    Tesla has been present in Spain for 3.5 years now with about 7 branches and> 30 Supercharging locations

  5. cow mountain says

    > And if they want some videos of a trip with electric cars to Spain
    I want to see that too. With a (relatively) affordable EV, please. A Peugeot e-208 for example. Or a Volkswagen ID.3 with the standard (= middle) battery pack.
    And just the route Solei. Just like all other Dutch people.


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