With this Ford you humiliate Ferraris

Fathouse ford Mustang 1000R '20 (interior)

Just about every Ferrari bites the dust when you accelerate in this Ford.

If you have seen Ford versus Ferrari: take a look. Of course there is some Hollywood drama in it, but the film is quite truthful and above all very entertaining.

Ford versus Ferrari

Bee Ford versus Ferrari people think Ford as David and Ferrari as Goliath, which is not entirely true. Ford is (and was) a huge multinational that sold millions of cars worldwide. Ferrari is a small racing team that sells several thousand cars to finance their racing activities. But when it comes to the cars themselves, a Ford is somewhat more humble than a Ferrari. Even if you drive a Shelby Mustang GT350, but not a childish car, the Ferrari 812 Superfast that stops next to you at the traffic light is superior to you and your car.

Fathouse ford Mustang 1000R '20 (rear)


But if the Mustang owner brought his GT350 to the Fathouse company, the Ferrari driver should pay attention. Fathouse does not only do chip tuning or a sports exhaust. They have developed the 1000R kit for the GT350. This ensures that the capacity increases from 526 hp to more than 950 hp, thanks to the installation of two turbos. You get that 950 hp (and 932 Nm) when you fill up with E85. If you refill “93”, then 806 horses (and 917 Newton meters) remain.

Fathouse Mustang 1000R '20 (engine)

Because this Ford is faster than a Ferrari 812

Not only that, many other parts including the manifold, fuel system and complete exhaust path are adjusted with this Ford. The 0-100 km / h sprint now takes 2.5 seconds, the quarter mile is reduced in 9.9 seconds and the top speed is a modest 297 km / h. This brings the Fathouse Shelby 1000R out of place faster than the 812 from Ferrari. If you want to know for sure that you are faster, then a 1200R or 1400R kit is also possible. The numbers correspond approximately to the horsepower supplied.

Fathouse Mustang 1000R '20 (front)


If you opt for the 1400R (why not?), You have 1,400 horsepower at your disposal. The 0-100 km / h sprint must be over in 1.9 seconds. That is not only bizarre fast for a car, but especially for a fairly simple rear-wheel drive. You may have to put it on drag grade specification tires for that. The quarter mile is done in 8.2 seconds and you can tap 354 km / h fully on the Autobahn. Prizes start for 40,000 dollars. Then you have to bring your own GT350.

Fathouse Mustang 1000R '20 (rear)


  1. ottosk says

    Don’t think a Ferrari 812 owner feels a little humiliated when standing next to this Ford,

  2. paulvtec says

    I’d rather have this Ford than an F812. Because ……… cheaper so more money on the bank and if you lose with your F812 you know that you have transferred too much to Ferrari.
    In addition, this is therefore a real Mustang and not an electric loft. I say nice!

    • cart stallion says

      @paulvtec: Do me the Ferrari. If you choose the correct version it will yield more than your money in the bank.

  3. geecee says

    The question is how important a Ferrari 812 owner thinks that….

  4. sagaris says

    Quite the same as a koenigsegg, also a Ford V8 with two turbos + – 1400 hp only slightly more expensive 🙂

  5. Soulmaster says

    Ford V8?

  6. no idea1975 says

    What a wonderful “I don’t give a f * ck” container!

  7. Dutch drifting says

    Not normal, and actually no money! But let’s be honest, you get these figures under perfect conditions with bizarre good, warm tires and of course in the hands of a worthy driver. And really every millionaire can beat the 812 to 100 in less than three seconds. By the way, every night I dream of a yellow 812 with Novitec kit… ..

  8. maferick74 says

    Ford or Ferrari, HMM difficult choice (unless it is a global vs GT40)

  9. ericc says

    Another Ford Mustang tuning like there are dozens in the US. Figures are only taken on sprints. Would like to see the Mustang on a “Ring” tour! Then we look at the figures one more time!


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