Wolff changes tack, Mercedes remains in Formula 1

Wolff between Hamilton and Bottas in Formula 1

Where Toto Wolff used to be a bit obnoxious, he is now putting his scribble under the new Concorde Agreement with which Mercedes remains in Formula 1.

Bad news for the neutral fans of Formula 1: Toto Wolff is going to put his scratch under the new Concorde Agreement. Last week Wolff was still somewhat dissatisfied with the new agreement. In this document, the stakeholders determine the rules and financial allocation keys for the coming F1 seasons.

With this new agreement, F1 owner Liberty Media and the FIA ​​want to make Formula 1 more spectacular, more show. That the cars drive closer together, that it all becomes a bit more exciting. And not that you already know in advance that Hamilton and Mercedes will plow everything and everyone over, as is the case now.

Wolff said earlier that he did not want to sign the new agreement, because an unfair amount of money went to Ferrari. At the same time, Liberty said again quite resolutely that he did not want to postpone the August 12 deadline. Both parties have now changed tack, writes Motorsport. The deadline has been extended to the end of August and Wolff still wants to put his scribble on the paper.

The team boss says he has changed his mind due to talks with F1 CEO Chase Carey. ‘Most of the uncertainties’ have now been clarified. As a result, Wolff now feels that it is a good time to sign Concorde. Wolff was pissed off last week that the other teams were ‘in the ass’ of Liberty Media. He would rather see them work together to make a fist against Liberty. He has now come to the conclusion that the teams will never work together. That’s why he just signs the agreement. As far as is known, only Racing Point is still in doubt, other teams seem to have no objections.


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