WWDC: everything about Apple’s developer conference

Read all about WWDC, Apple’s developer conference. The World Wide Developers Conference is a moment for announcements of software and products.

What is WWDC?

WWDC is Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, a major developers conference that Apple organizes every June. During WWDC we get to see new versions of the software and often there are also announcements of other products such as new MacBooks.

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The next WWDC 2020 is expected in June 2020, probably again in San José. We expect the traditional keynote to take place on Monday 1 or Monday 8 June at 7 p.m. Dutch time.

WWDC keynote

The WWDC keynote is also interesting for non-developers. You will see here all the details about the new versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Sometimes there are also announcements for new iPads, MacBooks, iMacs and more. In 2017, for example, Apple announced the HomePod, a speaker that will be available in December 2017.

Apple WWDC 2019

WWDC workshops

But the WWDC is also primarily a meeting for developers. They can meet each other, exchange experiences with each other and submit any questions and problems to Apple engineers. Hundreds of Apple techies travel to WWDC to give workshops and answer any questions. It is the easiest way for developers to speak directly to Apple employees.

WWDC tickets

Because there is always more interest than places, Apple always organizes a raffle. Developers can sign up for a ticket and hear a few days later if they can purchase a ticket for $ 1500. There are also dozens of tickets for pupils and students every year. These young talents get their ticket and hotel reimbursed.

WWDC 2016 Scholarship students

Previous WWDCs per year

Below you can see more information about the WWDC per year:

  • WWDC 2020
  • WWDC 2019 (summary)

  • WWDC 2018
  • WWDC 2017
  • WWDC 2016
  • WWDC 2015
  • WWDC 2014
  • WWDC 2013
  • WWDC 2012

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