Xbox Game Bar shows what is affecting your system

Xbox Game Bar

Starting this week, Microsoft is rolling out an update for the Xbox Game Bar. After downloading and installing that update, you can find out via the Game Bar which programs are responsible for the poorer performance of your PC. You can see which programs are using your RAM, GPU and processor.

There are several ways and means to find out on Windows 10. This can be done through all kinds of overlays and apps. However, the Xbox Game Bar is a part that is built directly into Windows 10 and is therefore quite light for the system. It is a flexible program for which you do not have to do anything. When you enter the key combination Windows + G, the Game Bar will appear as an overlay on your current screen. You can do that at any time.

What is the Xbox Game Bar?

You can think of the Xbox Game Bar as a kind of lightweight version of the Xbox operating system for today’s Xbox consoles. It is a customizable gaming overlay that offers various functions. The Bar works with a variety of PC games and provides access to screen recording and sharing widgets that allow you to find new teammates using Find a Group and chat with Xbox friends on Xbox consoles, mobile devices and PCs. If for some reason you don’t have the Xbox Game Bar on your system, download him here from the Microsoft Store.

Xbox Game Bar

The fresh update therefore entails a so-called resources widget. A widget that allows you to monitor the resources of your system. You can see which tasks are being performed and also see what effect this has on your system. A useful tool for PC gamers to find out where to profit from the maximum number of frames per second in their video games; but also a useful tool for the average user to find out exactly what causes daily performance deterioration. Via the widget you can arrange for other programs to be closed. Or else you can keep an eye on them by pinning the widget to the image.

Then you have the performance widget. This is another widget that you use to monitor system components. Here you can find out which programs often or eagerly use the resources of the graphics card. If you are wondering whether your current computer is suitable for DirectX 12 Ultimate, you can get that answer via the Xbox Game Bar. That goes through a new section within the overlay. If you don’t have the update yet, it can arrive any time.


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