Yoga exercises for two: 4 simple partner yoga exercises

Photo: Laura Müller

We have four easy yoga exercises for two for you. You can try them out with your partner, with your friend or with your children.

Perhaps you have only practiced yoga on your own, but perhaps you have no yoga experience at all. In any case, with this article we want to make you want to try yoga exercises for two. We will introduce you to four simple exercises that you can do together with your partner, with a friend or with your children. It is important that you feel comfortable together as partners and that it is not uncomfortable for you to be together touch.

This is the Special doing yoga exercises for two:

  • In partner yoga, you don’t just focus on yourself: together with your partner, you form one unit.
  • also strengthen Yoga exercises for two your relationship, your trust and your communication skills.
  • Another special aspect is that partner yoga exercises not only increase awareness of your self-perception, but also that perception the needs of others.

For the following exercises you only need clothing that you feel comfortable in and a non-slip surface. Recommendations on this and more Yoga accessories can be found in our guide.

    1. Yoga exercise for two: back to back

    Back to back.
    Back to back.
    (Photo: Laura Müller)

    This exercise is a good introduction to yoga exercises for two. Sit down back to back together and support each other like the back of a chair. The legs are stretched forward and the toes point towards the body.

    Pay special attention to yours breathing:

    • You can do your breathing synchronize. This means that you both inhale and exhale at the same time.
    • But you can too asynchronous to breathe. That is, while one person is breathing in, the other is breathing out.

    2. Yoga exercise for two: Common tree

    Common tree.
    Common tree.
    (Photo: Laura Müller)

    This partner yoga exercise strengthens the coordination skills and body awareness.

    • Stand close to each other.
    • Stretch the inner arm up so that it touches the other person’s arm. The palms of the hands point to the partner and lie one inside the other.
    • Now you take each one outer arm. Bring your palms together at chest level.
    • Finally, you angle each one outer leg on. The foot touches the inner leg, which has become the supporting leg, so that an imaginary triangle is formed.

    3. Yoga exercise for two: the leg extension

    The leg extensor.
    The leg extensor.
    (Photo: Laura Müller)

    This yoga exercise for two stretches your legs and arms.

    • Sit across from each other. Your legs are stretched out so that you can feel your partner’s feet. Put your heels up so your toes are touch.
    • Now stretch your arms forward and grab them hands the other person.
    • Now one person presses their right foot and the other person their left foot firmly together.
    • Lifts together your legs on this side. Hold out for about five to ten seconds. Important: Make sure that your legs stay straight during this time.

    4. Yoga exercises for two: pulling and stretching

    Pulling and stretching.
    Pulling and stretching.
    (Photo: Laura Müller)

    In this yoga exercise for two, the partners get two different tasks. You are constantly taking turns and you have to control your breathing. Find a common one rhythmto increase the relaxation effect.

    • Sit back to back. The legs are stretched forward. The tips of the feet point towards the body.
    • Person 2 extends his arms backwards. Person 1 seizes the Wrists from person 2. Breathe deeply together.
    • As soon as you exhale, Person 1 pulls their navel towards the thigh. She also pulls Person 2 with her.
    • Use your arms and upper body to help center. Breathe in.
    • If you guys again exhales, person 2 can bend their upper body forward and pull person 1 along.

    More ideas for yoga exercises for two

    Did our yoga exercises for two make you want more? In addition to YouTube tutorials, you can also get literature on this topic.

    • For Yoga exercises for two we recommend “Yoga for Couples: Fun and Engaging Exercises to Increase Flexibility and Create a Spiritual Connection”. For example, you can do it with ** Amazon to buy.
    • Do you and your partner already have good body tension? Maybe could Acroyoga be something for you. Here we recommend reading “Elements of AcroYoga: Partner Practices for a Lifetime”. You can also get the book at ** Amazon to buy.


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