1More ColorBuds – Incredibly fine

1More ColorBuds

The ColorBuds from the Chinese audio manufacturer 1More stand out because of their size and cheerful colors. But the price is also cheerful. You can read whether the bluetooth in-ears are also remarkably good in practice in this 1More ColorBuds review.

1More ColorBuds

price € 105, –
Color black, teal, gold, pink
Link Bluetooth 5.0
Battery 55 mAh (earpiece), 410 mAh (charging case)
Weight 4.1 grams (earpiece), 32 grams (charging box)
Features microphone, touch control
Connection USB-C
Website https://global.1more.com
9 Score 90 Score: 90

  • Pros
  • price
  • Wearing comfort
  • Weight
  • Negatives
  • No noise canceling

The 1More Colorbuds cost around a hundred euros, a price category in which you can expect something from your bluetooth in-ears, but you should be aware that you do not get the crème de la crème of the bluetooth ears. OnePlus went wrong, while Huawei / Honor offer excellent caps for this price. In short, a little depth is needed. And to get straight to the point in the first paragraph: 1More offers fantastic in-ears with the ColorBuds.

1More ColorBuds
1More ColorBuds
1More ColorBuds

Close it!

Many bluetooth in-ears have noise cancellation. However, this is difficult to get it working properly. First of all, the earbuds have to seal the ear canal properly, which is more difficult than with headphones that simply cover the entire ear. Space is also limited in the small ears to allow the technology to work optimally. Why do I quote this while the ColorBuds does not have noise canceling at all? In practice, I was better able to shut myself off from ambient noise with these earphones than, for example, the Galaxy Buds Live, which does have noise cancellation. This is mainly due to the fit and comfort of the ColorBuds, which stands out for me.

There is a point of attention: you have to place the headset properly in your ear, with the tiny LED light pointing upwards. You are quickly inclined to place the earpiece wrong with the light to the side. The ears weigh almost nothing and because you can adjust the fit with rubber caps for your own ears, the headset stays in place. So good, in fact, that a lot of ambient noise was cut off for me. In addition, the caps stay in place, for example when exercising and you hardly notice that there is something in your ear. You will experience that weight is a determining factor in wearing comfort.

Sound quality

Because the ears are so comfortable and close, you can also hear quite a lot of details of what you listen to, despite the somewhat more limited audio quality. The audio quality is perfectly fine for its price range and fine for every purpose. Audiobooks, podcasts, calm music or exciting music. However, in the details, high tones and deep bass tones you notice that the ColorBuds have to recognize their superiority in other (often more expensive) earphones.

The ColorBuds are also equipped with several microphones, so that you can also make good phone calls with the earphones in. Ambient noise is filtered out well, whether you are outside or in a busy environment.

You can take phone calls and control the music by tapping the earbuds. This works well and can be done in the corresponding 1More app be configured. The app is otherwise quite limited. For example, an equalizer is missing.

1More ColorBuds


Despite the fact that the ears are very small in size, they have an average battery capacity and last about five hours on a battery charge. Just like all other in-ears, you charge the ears by placing them in a box. This box has enough capacity to fully charge both earbuds almost four times. The box charges via a USB-C connection and cannot be charged wirelessly.

1More ColorBuds


The wearing comfort makes these 1More ColorBuds my favorite earbuds that I have used so far. Because the headset is so light and thanks to rubber caps fit to size, you will not notice that you have earphones in and the music comes into its own. Of course you have to settle for a lack of noise canceling and the audio purists will be slightly less satisfied with the sound quality. In this price range, however, the ColorBuds are no less. In fact. For this price, the ColorBuds are an absolute must!


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