Connect your Apple Watch to multiple iPhones in 5 steps

The Apple Watch is basically intended as a personal device, but it is possible to link the smartwatch to multiple iPhones via a detour. In this tip explains iPhone how to do that.

Pair Apple Watch with multiple iPhones

The Apple Watch is a very personal device. The box can keep track of your heart rate, register your sleep pattern and record how active you are. Apple therefore also speaks in advertisements about the “most personal device” the company has ever made. It is therefore not really the intention to use the smart watch with multiple telephones.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible. Do you walk around with two iPhones, for work and home, for example? Then you can use this detour as a solution:

  1. Connect your first iPhone to the Apple Watch via the Watch app;
  2. Unpair your first iPhone by selecting ‘Unpair Watch’ in the Watch app. Apple Watch settings are now being backed up;
  3. Connect your second iPhone to the Apple Watch as usual;
  4. Do you want to go back to the first iPhone? Then disconnect the second device via the Watch app. Follow the instructions from step two;
  5. Reconnect the first iPhone and now choose ‘Restore from backup’ to reload the trusted settings.

As mentioned, it is a detour, but for people who cannot do otherwise, it is a godsend. Keep in mind that changes on the Apple Watch are made via the iPhone. If you pair another iPhone, the settings are therefore not included. This is annoying, because the Apple Watch requires this information for a lot of functionality.

Even if you are currently walking around with two Apple Watches and two iPhones, it is not possible to synchronize the settings. Perhaps this will change with watchOS 6, which will be announced during the iPhone 11 event on September 11. Check the video below for an overview of our expectations.

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