Free roaming within the EU extended until 2032

New European legislation that will take effect on 1 April will ensure, among other things, that the Roam like at home measure will be extended until 2032.

What is Roam like at home?

Since 2017, providers are no longer allowed to charge extra roaming charges within the EU. Since that time, you can call, text and use the internet in any EU country without – in most cases – being charged extra costs for use abroad. This will be Roam like at home named.

At the end of last year, the EU Member States and the European Parliament reached an agreement on the extension of Roam like at home in the form of new European legislation. This legislation comes into effect today, as informed by the European Commission† Among other things, the legislation states that Roam like at home will be extended for another ten years, until 2032.

Benefits for travelers and providers

The European Commission lists benefits for both consumers and telecom providers as part of its decision. For example, consumers will get “a better roaming experience, with the same quality of mobile service abroad as at home”, as well as improved access to emergency services and more transparency in tariffs. Travelers in the EU will no longer find an unexpectedly high bill when they return home.

Europeans should also automatically receive a text message as soon as they cross the border into another EU country. In that message, the traveler must be warned about possible costs that will be charged in that country for certain services. Think of calling customer service or the help desk of an airline.

Finally, providers must inform their customers as soon as they connect to a network that uses satellites, which you find on airplanes, for example. The European Commission gives 50 euros as an example for a limit for the use of these networks.

  • The emergency number 112 for calling emergency services should be made available throughout the EU
  • If you have a 5G subscription, you must also be able to use it in another EU country
  • Europeans receive a text message when crossing a national border in the EU

Remember when we had to turn off mobile data when traveling in Europe – to avoid getting a huge roaming bill? Well, this is history. And we want to keep it that way for the next 10 years. More speed, more transparency: we continue to improve the lives of EU citizens.

Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the EU’s Internal Market

Do you remember having to turn off your mobile data as soon as you crossed a country border in the EU? Let us know in the comments.

– Thanks for information from Androidworld. Source

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