Gingerol: effects and how you can use it

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Gingerol is an ingredient in ginger – and a very healthy one. Here you can find out how research evaluates gingerol and how you can best benefit from its effects.

Gingerol, just one of the many active ingredients in ginger?

Gingerol is one of the healthy spices from the plant world. The trade journal The PTA reports that hot spices such as ginger, chilli or mustard are traditionally known as remedies in Asia.

Gingerol occurs in several variants in ginger. The exact names of the gingerols are derived from their respective chemical structure. According to a report, the European Medicines Agency 6-gingerol, 8- and 10-gingerol also occur in smaller quantities.

The ginger tuber not only contains gingerols, but also combines a whole range of different plant substances. The report of the European Medicines Agency mentions over 100 different substances. The gingerols make up about four to 7.5 percent in ginger.

Gingerol and its effects

Gingerol works against infections.
Gingerol works against infections.
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For a long time, gingerol was considered solely responsible for the healthy effects of ginger. The Pharmaceutical Newspaper reports that studies have since found other substances in the ginger identified that contribute to its health promoting properties.

Specific research on gingerols often mixes with more general research on the effectiveness of ginger. In some cases, the investigations do not differentiate in detail which of the many ingredients are attributable to certain effects. Also, available studies on gingerol almost always relate to laboratory tests. The problem with this is that laboratory results cannot always be applied to humans. A few questions remain open. Some effects of gingerol are already well documented, with others science is still looking for clear answers.

According to the European Medicines Agency, the following properties of gingerol have already been proven by studies:

  • antioxidant – Various studies confirm that 6-gingerol is the most effective antioxidant in ginger. Antioxidants protect the cells in the organism from damage.
  • anti-inflammatoryStudies show that gingerols can have a positive effect on inflammation. For example, the gingerol soothes the inflamed mucous membranes when you have a cold ginger tea drink.
  • anti-infection – Various laboratory studies have shown that gingerols can reduce the spread of pathogens. These include, for example, various Mushrooms or bacteriaresponsible for gastrointestinal disorders.

Gingerol and its possible effects

Other effects of gingerols, however, have not yet been fully researched. According to the European Medicines Agency, the research on these suspected properties is not yet clear:

  • pain reliever – Some Studies suggest that gingerol can affect pain receptors.
  • stimulating the fat metabolism – Loud Studies Gingerol is said to help the body burn fat faster. Lose weight with ginger is a well-known diet promise, which is technically controversial.
  • beneficial for cardiovascular diseases – There are contradicting findings on this. A study indicates that the plant substance may be effective against deposits in the bloodstream and lower blood pressure. Another study sees no effect on blood pressure. The good news from this study: Gingerol does not dilute the blood.
  • effective against tumors or cancer cells: Further Studies suggest that gingerols in ginger, along with other active ingredients, can fight tumors or cancer cells.

With gingerol, the preparation is also important

Ginger powder contains shogaol instead of gingerol.
Ginger powder contains shogaol instead of gingerol.
(Photo: CC0 / pixabay / Ajale)

Gingerol is an active ingredient that, together with other substances, contributes to the beneficial effects of ginger. If you get gingerol capsules as a dietary supplement, you may miss the positive effect of this combination. The substances in question are naturally optimally bundled in fresh ginger.

For the effect of gingerol, the preparation of the ginger is also important:

  • Fresh: The magazine The PTA explains that 6-gingerol is most effective in fresh ginger. If the ginger is stored too long, the effective gingerols gradually break down. You will also notice this in the fact that the pieces lose their sharpness with the effect. Buy the tubers in small portions and store ginger cool and dark. tip: You can fresh Eat ginger raw. Small pieces, for example, go well with spicy garnishes Vegetable curries or Raw vegetable salads. Use organic ginger for this – tubers from conventional cultivation can be contaminated with chemical-synthetic pesticides. If you want, you can do it yourself Planting ginger.
  • Dried: Dried inger contains the plant substance shogaol. As the ginger dries, the plant releases water. Through the associated chemical processes, Gingerol is turned into Shogaol. Studies suggest that 6-shogaol is even more intense than 6-gingerol.
  • Cooked: One Japanese study confirmed that the gingerols remain effective even when cooked. The shogaol concentration even increased when cooking
  • No gingerol: The medicine portal Netdoctor reported that ginger essential oil does not contain gingerol.


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