Horseradish: It really is that healthy

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It should not be missing in many sauces and soups – but is horseradish also healthy for you? In this article you will learn what nutrients are in the spicy root vegetables.

If you like spicy food you probably have horseradish on your menu more often. But the spicy vegetables not only refine Soups, Sauces and spreads: its valuable ingredients also make horseradish healthy. We’ll show you why he actually earned the nickname “plant-based penicillin”.

These nutrients make horseradish healthy

There are healthy mustard oils in the roots of horseradish.
There are healthy mustard oils in the roots of horseradish.
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The spiciness that many love in horseradish is actually what makes it healthy. Mustard oil is one of the most important nutrients that are in the root. The so-called mustard oil glycosides are among the phytochemicals and have been proven to work against germs and pathogens. The Pharmaceutical Journal According to the study, horseradish can also reduce inflammation. The mustard oils in horseradish are only released when you grate or chop the roots.

In addition to mustard oil, horseradish contains other nutrients that make it healthy:

  • The plant enzyme myrosinase: In order for the healthy mustard oils in horseradish to be released at all, the enzyme myrosinase must become active. In connection with the mustard oils this enzyme kills various bacteria in your body. This is how horseradish supports a healthy diet immune system.
  • Coumarin: The plant substance coumarin has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects.
  • Vitamin C: According to the Pharmazeutische Zeitung, seafarers of earlier centuries knew that horseradish is a healthy source of vitamin C. They ate it on long voyages to prevent scurvy from developing. Even today, the vitamin C in horseradish supports your body’s defenses.

Horseradish: A Healthy Medicinal Plant?

Some studies have already proven the healthy effects of horseradish.
Some studies have already proven the healthy effects of horseradish.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / KOOBONSIL)

Some studies have already medically proven that horseradish has a positive effect on health thanks to its ingredients. As native medicinal plant it is used in teas and poultices, among other things. We have compiled the most important areas of application for horseradish for you:

  • Muscle pain: Applied topically, horseradish is known to be the Promote blood circulation. It can therefore be used as part of compresses sore muscles Provide relief.
  • Urinary tract infections: If you ingest horseradish through digestion, the mustard oils enter the urinary tract. There they attack bacteria and germs and thus reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, according to DocJones.
  • Respiratory diseases: At a cold or other respiratory diseases, horseradish with its healthy mustard oils can have an antibacterial effect and fight the infection. This is reported by, among others Pharmacy magazine.
  • Cancers: In animal experiments, researchers were able to demonstrate another mode of action of mustard oils in horseradish. According to Apotheken-Umschau, it was shown that mustard oil can inhibit cancer-causing processes. However, it has not yet been clarified whether the risk of cancer can actually be reduced by a diet high in mustard oil glycosides.

Horseradish envelopes for healthy muscles

You can use the circulation-promoting effect of horseradish particularly well with poultices. The healthy mustard oils from horseradish are best absorbed into the painful muscle areas and can, for example, yours aching alleviate after exercise.

For envelopes with horseradish you will need:

  • a clean cotton towel
  • a fresh horseradish root
  • a kitchen grater or knife

How to use the poultice:

  1. First, cut the horseradish into small pieces or grate it with a grater.
  2. Now place the grated horseradish in the cotton cloth and fold the cloth over the pulp.
  3. Now place the pad on the sore muscle. Avoid direct skin contact with the horseradish to avoid skin irritation.
  4. Remove the horseradish poultice after five to ten minutes and wash the treated area with a little water.


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