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One way to quickly reach your favorite programs, folders, and web pages is through shortcuts on your desktop, but such a setup quickly gets a bit messy. Jovial Menu therefore takes a different approach: via an icon in the Windows system tray, you can call up your highly personal shortcut menu.

Jovial Menu




Windows 10

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  • Pros
  • Not pushy
  • Portable and simple
  • Negatives
  • Little or no extras
  • Textual configuration

In the program description of Jovial Menu, the terms ‘lightweight’, ‘simple’ and ‘portable’ stand out and that appeals to us. After all, we don’t care much for a bulky launch pad. We extract the downloaded zip file and start the exe file; right after that, we already see the Jovial Menu icon in it Windowssystem tray.

Simplicity is good: a clear and no-nonsense quick menu.

Quick menu

As soon as you click on this icon, a standard shortcut menu pops up with some ready-made application links (Notepad and Chrome), web links (Google and Facebook) and file links. The latter are just dummy links, because they point to (on your system) nonexistent documents. The intention is that you remove or adjust these items yourself, so that you get a personal quick menu.

You do that with Edit Entry File, and for some users, the approach will be a bit disappointing. This will open a simple text file with your Notepad and the intention is that you remove or modify unwanted items yourself and create new menu items. The comment lines in this configuration file give you useful tips.

Text editor

For example, creating a submenu is no more difficult than the rule [naam_submenu] followed by a shortcut to a program, folder, or web page. Such a shortcut takes the form of [naam] = [volledige url of pad], something like Computer! Totaal =

It is also possible to add your own icons and also parameters to your menu items. You can also find out exactly how to do this in the comments lines of the configuration file. It is also handy that you can place the complete folder content of Jovial Menu on a USB stick, after which the menu can also be used on other PCs.

Adjusting the menu does require some typing in a text editor.


Jovial Menu is especially useful for those who often need the same web pages, programs and folders and still want to keep their desktop clean. The tool has a very small footprint and settles modestly in the system tray. You have to compile the menu from your text editor, and that may be less practical for those who often want to make changes.


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Jovial Menu – Menu à la carte

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