Krita – Painting and sketching without mess

Creative minds who like to exchange paper, pen and brush for a computer screen, a stylus or drawing tablet, we refer to Krita. Illustrations, logos, posters, entire comics and even animations are just right for this tool.

Krita 4.4.1




Windows, macOS, Linux
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  • Pros
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Active user community
  • Lots of instruction material
  • Negatives
  • The interface is not intuitive

The term ‘drawing package’ can be interpreted broadly. Making technical drawings and even photo editing works with Krita, but you notice that this is not really in the genes of this program. This is an open source drawing, painting and image editing program for Windows, macOS and Linux which is suitable for professional and amateur artists.


The moment you create a new file, Krita wows with a multitude of templates ready for cards, comics, textures, manga stories and so on. As you work, you’ll notice that Krita has tools for rendering, mixing colors, processing, sanding, layering, mirroring and more.

The fact that you have so many drawing tools at your disposal stimulates your creativity.

Sketching and painting

Most users are impressed by the wide range of brushes, pens and markers. In addition, users can create their own brushes and tag them through a unique tagging system. You can of course draw with the mouse or with your finger on pressure-sensitive screens, but a stylus or a graphics tablet gives a more natural feel. In the meantime, change the color, size, opacity, and blending mode of these flexible brushes. At that point, you draw or paint pixel-oriented images.

Vector drawings

In addition, it is possible to design objects according to paths whose anchor points can be dragged to change the shape. These are vector graphics. With Krita you therefore combine both vector and bitmap images. As in commercial software, Krita supports layers that you can interact with in different ways through blending modes. With the layer management tools you combine the content of different layers or hide certain parts in the layer structure. You can even open Photoshop files and the program supports layer styles.


Krita is a versatile drawing and painting program that you can even use as an animation studio. The learning curve depends on the purpose for which you get this program. Fortunately, the program has drawing assistants, a ton of tutorials and howtos, and a solid manual written by the Krita Foundation itself. Wonderful study material to get you snowed in this winter.


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