This is how you remove the microphone icon from your iOS keyboard

Never touch or accidentally touch the microphone in the iOS keyboard? In this article we explain how to remove or add it.

Disable the microphone on the keyboard

Not everyone is waiting for the microphone in the keyboard. The button is intended to dictate texts, but for some people it gets in the way, especially on iPhones with a smaller screen. There is a solution for everyone who is bothered by it: you can make the button disappear.

That is how it works

If you use iOS with the standard keyboard, it is quite simple to solve via the settings, but you need to know where to look. Below we explain it step by step for you.

  1. Go to the Settings app and choose ‘General’;
  2. Choose ‘Keyboard’;
  3. Turn off the slider behind ‘Enable dictation’.

You can now turn off the Settings app and the microphone button has disappeared from the keyboard. The space bar is also immediately wider, so that you can hit that key better immediately.

Turn dictation back on

If you still want to dictate text again, it is always possible to turn the microphone button back on. You do this again in the ‘Settings’, after which you can click the slider behind ‘Enable dictation’ via ‘General> Keyboard’.

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