Tip: Close, delete and position apps on Apple TV

Now that there are apps for the Apple TV, that brings a lot of possibilities. In this tip article we talk about some possibilities of what you can do with apps.

You can now also download apps from an App Store on the new, fourth-generation Apple TV. With these third-party apps you can, for example, watch series or play games. Whatever you download, everything ends up on the main screen of the Apple TV. It is useful if you can do some organizational work. Here are some tips.

Move Apple TV apps

You can adjust app icons on the main screen, so that the most used apps are at the start and apps you open less often are further at the back. You do that as follows:

  1. Use the Apple TV remote to select an app icon;
  2. Click and hold until it starts to wobble;
  3. Now let go and use the touchpad to drag the app in a different way;
  4. If it is in the right place, you click and put it away.

Close Apple TV apps

Just like on iOS, it is also possible to disable apps on the Apple TV. You do this in the following way:

  1. Go to the home screen of your Apple TV;
  2. Double-click the Home button to switch to the multitask window;
  3. Swipe left or right to select the app you want to disable;
  4. Swipe up to stop it;
  5. With the home button you go back to the main screen.

Uninstall apps

Of course you can also free up space on the home screen of the Apple TV. How to remove apps:

  1. Use the touchpad on the remote control to select an app icon;
  2. Click and hold;
  3. Now click on Play / Pause and choose ‘Delete’.

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