TweakPower 1.159 – Big boost

We have a spontaneous suspicion about programs that promise to optimize the system. Especially if it were also free. This is unfair in the case of TweakPower, an interesting tool to perform regular system maintenance and bend Windows to your will.





8 Score 80 Score: 80

  • Pros
  • Tons of features for system maintenance and tweaks
  • Negatives
  • No Dutch version

TweakPower is a total package of functions that you can also access manually after a lot of searching, but here you will find all those tools for cleaning and optimizing a Windows-pc in a clear dashboard.

To clean up

First you come into contact with the cleaning options of the software. Simple cleanup searches independently for traces of internet use, but most users will Default cleanup to go.

After the analysis you start cleaning the browsers (cache, cookies, download history…), the system (system history, temporary files…), the plug-ins and the registry. The tool also has a function of removing file duplicates which is the best way to save disk space.

Repair or remove programs or disable startup programs.

Economy, Standard or Game Booster

Many functions relate to the appearance and operation of the PC. With the Visual Styler edit your icons, if you don’t like the default set. You switch the system to the Economy mode to save the battery of your laptop, or to the mode Game Booster allowing you to use even more sources for video or gaming. In the collection Optimize Visual Effects make a choice in the graphic effects. Are you going for optimal performance or for cool looks?

DiskDoctor and co

The part DiskDoctor checks the health of the hard disk. The category HDD comes in handy for encrypting folders containing sensitive files or for retrieving files you’ve accidentally deleted.


We didn’t find a catch and are impressed with this freeware which is completely ad-free and packs a ton of maintenance features and tweaks. Too many to mention. If you’re not going to do crazy things in the registry, this will be a great tool to fix file system errors or streamline the operation of your computer.

In the HDD category, you can recover deleted files as well as delete duplicate files.

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