5 orange watches for King’s Day

The Netherlands loves King’s Day and that is not surprising. Besides the fact that almost everyone enjoys a day off, King’s Day is of course also a reason for a party. Often with alcoholic drinks and tasty, quick snacks.

And as with any party, it naturally starts with your outfit; but how do you complete it? That can be done in different ways; orange sunglasses, a hat full of feathers or a red white blue flag on the cheeks. But have you ever thought about an orange watch? That really completes your outfit!

Read along with us and discover watches that make our orange hearts beat faster. And not only that, they are so beautiful that you will certainly enjoy them for the rest of the year.

1. Oops!, Swatch did it again

Swatch is no stranger to striking colours. This Swiss company has produced watches in all colors of the rainbow and are known for their cheerful wristwatches. We start our list with the Swatch Big Bold Oops!, because orange/black is a stylish combo. Just like black and yellow, by the way. It just matches wonderfully; as you see in these photos.

So on April 27, you won’t hear any Oops! say when you realize your outfit is incomplete because you have the Big Bold on your wrist! Contrary to its name, the Big Bold Oops! actually quite subtle, yet bold; a successful combo!

Swatch Big Bold Oops!
▴ Swatch Big Bold Oops!

Swatch Big Bold Oops Close Up
▴ Swatch Big Bold Oops Close-Up

2. Love at first sight to the moon and back

Our second choice is a moon phase watch that is also of Swiss origin. Stefano Braga is a new brand that focuses on aesthetics and functionality. The Selene watch immediately stands out and not only because of its orange color. The dial shows the different phases/positions of the month.

For us, this watch was love at first sight. Minimalist and modern with classic elements and a beautiful photo of the crescent moon.

The dial without numbers or signs fits seamlessly with the watch strap, which is reminiscent of an orange turf. After King’s Day, this beautiful watch will continue to come into its own during Dutch football matches (or of course the Ivory Coast national team).

Stefano Braga Close Up
▴ Stefano Braga Close Up

Stefano Braga Moonphase
▴ Stefano Braga Moonphase

3. TW-Steel real from Orange

As the third watch we chose a Dutch watch brand – very appropriate. TW-Steel is a relatively young brand that has been around since 2005. The Watch in Steel is known for its large wristwatches with a diameter of more than 50 mm.

TW-Steel Canteen Chrono consists of three colors that complement each other well. The orange strap with metal studs matches the steel case perfectly. As icing on the cake, both colors appear on the black dial. A successful ensemble that you can wear all year round.

TW Steel Canteen
▴ TW-Steel Canteen Chrono

TW Steel Canteen
▴ TW Steel Canteen on the wrist

4. Demand Ice baby

An important point for many people is that a watch is comfortable. That is certainly the case with the Generation Flashy from Ice-Watch. Thanks to the flexible silicone strap, after a while you will no longer even notice that you are wearing a watch. Very nice at times where comfort is important. Unlike the previous watch where orange came to the fore in the details, this Ice Watch watch is really a statement that says: “I am a lover of orange, deal with it”.

Ice Watch is not afraid to release watches that stand out and they prove that once again with this brightly colored, but above all cheerful watch. And this Ice watch is 10 ATM waterproof, so it doesn’t matter if a glass of beer goes over it. You can simply rinse the watch under the tap!

Ice Watch Generation Flashy
▴ Ice Watch Generation Flashy

Ice Watch Generation Flashy
▴ Ice Watch Generation Flashy

5. An orange diving watch with history

Powered by a self-winding mechanical movement. The last watch in this series is from Bulova – an American brand with a long and especially interesting history. Bulova is known, among other things, for having produced the first clock radio in 1928.

The Oceanographer – An automatic diving watch with orange dial and black watch strap is not only for the avid divers among us, but also for orange lovers. With the new design, Bulova pays tribute to the original “Devil Diver” watch from the 1970s. The Oceanographer is produced in different colors, but we prefer the orange variant; strikingly sporty yet chic.

Tip: Dive watches often have an orange dial for readability. A great place to start looking for a watch for King’s Day and the rest of the summer!

Bulova Oceanographer Devil Diver
▴ Bulova Oceanographer Devil Diver

Certina DS Super
▴ Certina DS-Super

And one last tip: Haven’t found a favorite orange watch yet? Then consider an orange watch strap or a strap in the colors of the Dutch flag!

Want to see more orange watches?

▴ Morellato x2778841086cr22

Morellato X4737A74861CR18
▴ Morellato X4737A74861CR18 strap

▴ Morrellato x0857042086cr14

Happy King’s Day!

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