5 reasons why the new MacBook Air 2023 is the perfect laptop (ADV)

Apple has announced the brand new 15-inch MacBook Air 2023 and it is immediately available to order from Amac. We give you five reasons why this new Apple laptop is the perfect laptop for you.

The new MacBook Air 2023 is here!

A lot of Apple news was announced during the WWDC event, including the new 15-inch MacBook Air 2023. If you order it now from Amac, the MacBook Air 2023 will be delivered to your home on June 13. And you also benefit from all the personal Apple advice that Amac has to offer.

The lightning-fast laptop lets you work even more comfortably on the larger screen, wherever you want. You can easily take the MacBook Air 2023 with you wherever you go. Discover the five reasons why you want to get the new Apple laptop.

Check out the MacBook Air 2023

1. Powerful M2 chip

Are you looking for a powerful MacBook? Thanks to the M2 chip that Apple uses in the MacBook Air 2023, you’ll find that power in this laptop. That may be a chip from last year, but he still has a lot to offer.

According to Apple, the MacBook is twelve times faster than the fastest MacBook Air with Intel processor and twice as fast as competitor laptops. This MacBook Air 2023 is therefore perfect for people who spend a lot of time power need for their tasks, but find the MacBook Pro a little too much of a good thing.

2. Larger screen (15 inch) and thinnest laptop ever

5 reasons why the new MacBook Air 2023 is the perfect laptop (ADV)

You can watch series comfortably on the screen of the MacBook Air 2023. It is also ideal for video editing. Apple has given the screen a growth spurt from 13.6 inches to 15.3 inches. Fortunately, the edges around the screen are still very thin at 5 millimeters.

You also get the thinnest 15-inch laptop ever. It measures only 11.5 millimeters. So do you like a large screen, but not the price of a MacBook Pro? Then the MacBook Air 2023 is the place to be.

3. Super light heavyweight

Despite its larger size, the laptop is still nice and light. You can read 1500 grams off the scale. That is more than 200 grams lighter than a comparable 15-inch laptop. That makes it perfect for working on the go.

4. Sharp image

Moreover, the screen can only be described with one word: impressive. The Liquid Retina display provides a razor-sharp image. Colors pop off your screen and are more realistic than ever. It supports no less than 2 billion different colors.

The screen will also be bright enough to read well in the sun. That’s because the brightness can handle a maximum of 500 nits. That is about 25 percent brighter than competing laptops.

macbook air 15 inch colors

5. Long battery life

If you’re on the road a lot, you don’t want to be constantly looking for a socket to charge your laptop. The MacBook Air 2023 easily carries you through the day. It has a battery life of no less than 18 hours.

Then you can charge it again via MagSafe. Thanks to magnets, you can easily click it on and off. Scratches on the side of your expensive laptop are therefore no longer necessary. And for some flexibility, you can also use one of the two Thunderbolt 3 ports (with USB-C connection) for charging.

Order the MacBook Air 2023 from Amac

The new 15.3-inch MacBook Air 2023 can be ordered immediately from Amac with free delivery. The package delivery person will be at your doorstep on June 13 and from then on it will also be available everywhere. Don’t you also want to have the latest MacBook at home first?

You also benefit from free personal advice from trained Amac employees. Are you still in doubt? Then take a look at the MacBook Air 2023 in one of the 50 Amac stores. For protection, you naturally use a cover, which, together with all other official accessories, is also available from Amac.

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