5 ways why a camera in the Apple Watch can be useful

There have long been rumors that Apple wants to add a camera to the Apple Watch, but why? This is why a camera in Apple Watch can be super useful.

Camera in Apple Watch: super handy!

The Apple Watch has a camera app, but you only use it as a remote control for the iPhone since the watch itself does not have a camera. This may change in the future, because Apple owns several patents to add a camera in a next version of the Apple Watch.

That camera can then be placed under the screen, in a small notch, in the Digital Crown or in the strap. But why would you want that?

1. FaceTime on Apple Watch

The most obvious feature is that you can easily talk via FaceTime, without needing an extra screen. You can make video calls wherever you are.

Communication via the Apple Watch is becoming increasingly important. Think of the Walkie-Talkie function, easier messaging and the option to share photos with others via your Apple Watch. The addition of FaceTime then feels like a logical continuation.

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2. Take pictures

In addition, it would be very useful to quickly take photos, without having to take your iPhone with you. Suppose you are running and see something beautiful, then you cannot capture it now. The Apple Watch is also an ideal device for quickly taking a selfie. Although they will undoubtedly be called a ‘watchfie’.

3. Scan QR codes

Sometimes you have to scan a QR code, for example to pay at a Tikkie. You need the camera on your iPhone for that, while we are now used to paying via the Apple Watch. If you can scan that QR code directly with the watch by holding it in front of the screen, that would be very practical.

4. Face ID for unlocking and paying

Speaking of paying, if Apple added Face ID to the Apple Watch, it would be a lot more secure. That would also be a nice way to unlock the watch, because now you have to enter a code. That is especially inconvenient if the smartwatch is on the charger and you want to check something.

5. Record finger movements

When you think of a camera on the Apple Watch, you probably think of one on top of the screen, much like the selfie camera in an iPhone. Yet Apple also has a patent to put the side camera in the Digital Crown and that is not such a bad idea at all. A camera at that location can accurately register the movements of your fingers, which is interesting in several ways.

You can currently already control the Apple Watch with the hand with which you wear the watch, via the accessibility options. This is especially useful for people with a physical disability. This option can work much better if a camera is added.

But now that Apple is moving into virtual and augmented reality, the registration of your fingers and hand can also be used to control games and other experiences.

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Why the Apple Watch shouldn’t get a camera

There are also reasons why the Apple Watch should not have a camera. Just think of the space that such a camera takes up and what effect that has on the battery and the thickness of the watch.

You also have to jokingly lift your wrist so that you can follow a conversation via Facetime. How long will that really stay comfortable? You probably feel a stretch in your muscles, because you don’t normally assume this position. Or you will soon get a tired shoulder.

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It is also questionable what a small camera on your watch does in terms of privacy. And aren’t there other things we’d rather see incorporated into an Apple Watch? How about a flashlight on your wrist?

Which Apple Watch in 2023?

Although there is currently no Apple Watch on the market including a camera, the current smartwatches also offer plenty of cool functions. We’ll tell you which Apple Watch is worth your money in 2023 and which one you should pass up.

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