5 websites every Linux fan should save as a favorite

There are many Linux websites where you can find the latest distributions and keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in the open source operating system. But of course you can’t keep an eye on all sites. That’s why we selected five that you really shouldn’t miss.


Do you like to play games, then GamingOnLinux a good platform to keep up to date with games for Linux and SteamOS. By checking the website regularly or by subscribing to the newsletter, you won’t miss out on the latest games coming to Linux and updates to existing games that will get Linux support soon.

You also read reviews about games, while GamingOnLinux also keeps an eye on all discount promotions. This way you always get the best price for your favorite games. It even maintains a database of free games for Linux.

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OMG! Ubuntu

Although the British OMG! Ubuntu If you mainly focus on Ubuntu, and to a lesser extent on Unity and other Ubuntu environments, you stay well informed about the latest developments around Linux. You’ll find tutorials, desktop themes, game news, and more. The platform also regularly dives into the details of the latest updates around Linux. In short: a website that you can add directly to your favorites.

It’s Foss

It’s Foss, which stands for free & open source software, goes beyond Linux and covers other open source tools and operating systems as well. On the website you will regularly find manuals, free e-books and, above all, interesting articles. How do you play Wordle in Linux? Which browser is better: Brave or Vivaldi? And what are the best open source video converters?

It’s Foss gives you answers to all these questions. And with a community of more than 250,000 members, you can answer all your questions about Linux yourself.

Ask all your questions about Linux on the It’s Foss website.

Ask Ubuntu

If you want to increase your knowledge about Linux and often have questions about the operating system, then you might be able to do better Ask Ubuntu attend. This website is specially set up for questions about Linux and because of a large community of users you can (almost) be sure that you will get an answer quickly.


The question that every Linux user probably asks sooner or later is: does my favorite Windows program also run on Linux? If there is no Linux version of a specific Windows app, Wine offers the possibility to easily install Windows applications on a non-Windows system.

But there are quite a few applications that don’t work well through Wine. Thanks to the database of AppDB you can see how well certain Windows software works through Wine. Users leave a review on AppDB, which gives you an instant idea of ​​how well the application works in Linux.

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