A major update is coming for your Google Chromecast

There are a number of useful new features coming to the Google Chromecast, including the devices where it is built-in. You need to know this.

A major update for your Google Chromecast

Google announced new features for Chromecast devices during CES. So you can now cast content from TikTok from your iPhone to any Chromecast device. This not only works with a Chromecast dongle, but also with, for example, a TV with built-in Google Chromecast.

More devices with built-in Google Chromecast will also appear this year, such as the 2024 LG TV series. And later this year, Chromecast built-in will be expanded to LG Hospitality and Healthcare. You can then stream content from your iPhone to the LG TV in your hotel or hospital room, provided LG software is installed. This works without you having to log in to each app. This means you no longer have to remember that you have to log out when you have finished watching.

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There will also be an update for Pixel smartphones and the Google Pixel Tablet. It will be possible to stream music that you play on the Pixel smartphone to the Pixel Tablet by simply holding both devices together. Useful for those who have both devices, but not a groundbreaking innovation.

Chromecast remains popular

According to Google, there are now more than 220 million active devices running Android TV and Google TV that can use streaming apps and play videos cast from connected devices. This means that Google Chromecast remains one of the most common ways to stream audio and video from a smartphone or tablet to a TV.

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