Accessing a smartphone without a code: that’s how it is

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You don’t have to be a data thief or stalker to need access to someone’s smartphone. For example, in the event of an accident or other emergency, this is necessary to obtain contact details of relatives, to find an indispensable photo or to gain access to accounts. We explain what you can do to gain access.

It is very important to lock your smartphone, so that in the event of loss or theft, others do not have access to all highly personal (or maybe even business) data on your smartphone. There are several ways to lock your device. For example with a pin code, password or pattern. Many smartphones also have biometric unlocking techniques, such as facial recognition and a fingerprint scanner. However, biometric locks also use a PIN as a trap should the technique fail.

Locked is encrypted

The code with which you lock your phone is also the key to all data on the device. That’s because all data on your smartphone is stored encrypted. Without the key you cannot remove anything from the smartphone. Even the smartphone maker itself, be it Apple or Samsung, cannot provide access to the device or the data if the code is not available. It is solely up to the phone owner to determine who can access the device. So safe…

This security also has an unpleasant side when disaster strikes: all data is inaccessible. You don’t want to put an unconscious person’s thumb against the phone and face unlock with eyes closed usually doesn’t work at all. That is why it is important to consider this now.

Without a code you cannot access the data on a smartphone.

Grant access

If you cannot access the smartphone afterwards, this must be arranged in advance. Communicate with your loved ones about whether (and how) you can access the smartphone. This can be done, for example, by handing over the access code to loved ones, or by writing it down in a document that you keep on hand for, for example, an inheritance. Of course, this does not only apply to the smartphone of your loved ones, but also your smartphone.

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