Add travel times to the Calendar app in 7 steps

In many cases, your iPhone also counts as your personal calendar. To make sure you get to an appointment on time, you can add travel time to your appointments in the standard Calendar app.

Add travel time to your appointments in Calendar

You know you have an appointment, but you find out just a little too late that the travel time is longer than you thought. You can prevent such moments by also adding the travel time to an appointment in the Calendar app. This way, you will also arrive on time for every appointment on days with a crowded agenda. It’s quite easy to add travel time to an agenda item.

  1. Open the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad;
  2. Tap the plus icon at the top right to create a new appointment, or select an existing appointment and tap ‘Edit’ to edit it;
  3. Press the option ‘Travel time’ and set the slider behind it to green;
  4. Then choose the desired time and how long the trip to the appointment takes;
  5. To be notified when you have to leave, go back via ‘Edit activity’;
  6. Tap ‘Notification’ and select when you want to be notified about the appointment, for example five minutes before the travel time starts or when it’s time to go;
  7. Press ‘Done’ to save the appointment.

Travel time on location basis

It is even more convenient to add a location to your calendar event. Then you can not only quickly get a route by clicking on it, but also determine a specific travel time. If you first enter the location of an appointment and then add the travel time, as shown in the images above, you will get three more options of travel time to add.

To do this, first enter the starting location in the travel time menu. Then, in addition to the standard options, you can also choose from location-based travel times. This is possible by car, on foot or by public transport.

These times are also determined on the basis of the traffic at the time of your appointment. This means that you do not have to estimate a travel time yourself, with the risk that you will still be on the road longer. It is also possible on your Mac to add travel times in the Calendar app. This works almost the same as in iOS.

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