AirTag sharing: in iOS 17 you can finally do it (and here’s how it works)

Normally you can only check the location of your AirTag on your own Apple device. From iOS 17 that is different and you can finally share the AirTag with others.

Sharing AirTag: finally it’s possible

Until now it was never possible to share your AirTag with others. That was not useful if, for example, you share one suitcase together during a holiday, or if you have hidden an AirTag on a (shared) bicycle.

Share AirTag

From iOS 17 this is no longer the case, because then it will be possible to share an AirTag with others. You can then share the AirTag with up to five other people. Handy if you go on a city trip with your friends, for example. You put an AirTag in your van and everyone always knows where it is parked.

Incidentally, sharing the small trackers is not limited to the people in your family. You can share the AirTag with any person. The person must have an Apple device, such as an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

More than just AirTag sharing in iOS 17

The cool thing about this new feature is that you can’t just share an AirTag in iOS 17. It also works with the other devices you normally find in the Find My app.

Buy AirTag

Don’t have an AirTag yet, but do you want one now? They are extremely useful when you go on vacation or to hang on your keys. For the best price, it is best to take a look at our AirTag price comparison. Then you never pay too much!

iOS 17 in a nutshell

iOS 17 brings some cool new features to your iPhone. For example, the Phone, FaceTime and Messages apps have been significantly updated. In addition, the function of the keyboard has improved and Safari has received a major update.

If you tilt the iPhone, you will see full-screen information. Handy when you put your iPhone on your bedside table, counter or desk. You can then use it as a kind of information hub and show different types of clocks, favorite photos or widgets.

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Furthermore, AirDrop has a new function with NameDrop, the Health app has new functions, Apple Music contains common playlists and much more.

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